Soundtrack Review: L’uomo Che Sognava Con Le Aquile

Soundtrack Review: L’uomo Che Sognava Con Le Aquile

L’uomo Che Sognava Con Le Aquile Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score L’uomo Che Sognava Con Le Aquile by Guy Farley.

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Geek Score: 89
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 8.05
Album Excellence: 42%

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L’uomo Che Sognava Con Le Aquile is a 2006 Italian two-part television miniseries directed by Vittorio Sindoni and starring Terence Hill, Michelle Bonev and Mattia Cicinelli. A tender story of love and friendship in which a man rediscovers the meaning of life and fights to defend the tradition of a type of cheese his family has produced for 400 years. The score is composed by Guy Farley.

This score is included on Caldera’s latest release Maria Di Nazaret and features 19 minutes of music from the two-part miniseries. I was blown away by Maria, but this is a completely different premise. It’s a love story, a dramatic one and I hope that the short score will deliver me some excellent music. Opening with ‘Titles’, i can sense the tender love of which the story is built upon. Soft and slightly dramatic woodwinds and strings for the first minute before it is galloping away with some nice rhythms, like riding horseback. Not a bad opening at all. This music is very nice to listen to, it’s not complex, but quite simple and catchy lines of music. It’s nothing too catchy so far though, but it’s very enjoyable. It has a light comedic style to some of the music and I’m afraid that’s what’s holding me back from giving some more five stars. It doesn’t have the “weight” I would hope that a romantic drama should have. If it can’t produce the “weight”, then it must win me over with great themes, but the themes are not quite there, yet I can’t deny they’re very enjoyable.

Maybe it’s a bit unfair to play it just after Maria Di Nazaret because that was such a stunning and deep score to dive into. This is a completely different score, and I understand that, which is why I should revisit this at a later time to see how it holds up. As far as themes go, I think ‘Roberto’s Theme’ is the best one. It’s nice, and a bit sad too. It is dampening my mood, but in a soft and good way. It is a very nice companion score to Maria Di Nazaret, just don’t expect this to be in the same league, because it’s not. What you do get though is a very nice and enjoyable romantic drama and sometimes that’s more than enough. This is the best release I have seen from Caldera Records so go ahead and enjoy it to the fullest.

3. Roberto Explores
5. At Home
6. Roberto’s Theme
9. Animals Away
11. Celebrations

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