Soundtrack Review: Maggie

Soundtrack Review: Maggie

Maggie Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Maggie by David Wingo.

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Maggie is a 2015 post-apocalyptic drama film directed by Henry Hobson and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Abigail Breslin and Joely Richardson. After his daughter (Abigail Breslin) is infected with a virus that transforms her into a zombie, a small-town farmer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) will stop at nothing to save her. The score is composed by David Wingo.

This is yet another zombie film, but quite a different one. It’s a family drama actually set in a world where zombie’s roam the lands. Wingo gets us started with ‘Maggie Opening’, and there’s no big surprise. The music is dark and quite warm. The cello is the main instrument but perhaps most noticeable is the subtle stick percussion in the background. It is noticeable because it starts with only that for a the opening. The theme for Maggie is quite nice though, warm and dramatic. It is a minimalistic score in the way that it’s very sparse in the use of instruments. It is not busy, but still complex. With ‘Hospital’ I know this is going to be an emotional score. The piano is heartfelt and there’s an interesting “breathing” percussion used as a counterpart. ‘Drive Home’ is all about mood, and I’m enjoying the story Wingo is telling us. It’s such a nice listen so far.

The score has some teething problems though. I don’t sense much growth. The story is at a standstill for a large amount of the score. There are moments though like ‘Kids Leave’ and ‘Campfire’. I think the other cues work well within this dark world, but listening to it on it’s own is a different experience. It sets the mood well, but for me, it’s not really grabbing me. I think it needs a bit more thematic work in order to really play well with those who listen to the album. There’s something happening when the darkness is combined with lyrical music like in ‘Maggie And Trent’. There’s a certain warmth there that invites me to listen, it invites me to listen and enjoy (and I do). Then there are cues like ‘Killing The Fox’, so brutally honest and atonal which can only work in the movie itself. It’s an interesting mix, but one that I found to enjoy quite a bit. I do wish there was more warmth to it. Maybe this is also a project that can grow on me in time or after I have seen the film. Time will tell.

1. Maggie Opening
2. Hospital
8. Kids Leave
13. Campfire
15. Doctor Visit
16. Maggie And Trent
20. The Garden

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