Soundtrack Review: Mass Effect Andromeda

Soundtrack Review: Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the video game score Mass Effect Andromeda by John Paesano.

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Geek Score: 96.6
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 52.7
Album Excellence: 85%

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Mass Effect: Andromeda is a 2017 action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It was released worldwide in March 2017. It is the fourth major entry in the Mass Effect series and the first since Mass Effect 3 (2012). The game begins within the Milky Way Galaxy during the 22nd century, where humanity is planning to populate new home worlds in the Andromeda Galaxy as part of a strategy called the Andromeda Initiative. The player assumes the role of either Scott or Sara Ryder, an inexperienced military recruit who joins the Initiative and wakes up in Andromeda following a 634-year journey. Events transpire that result in Ryder becoming humanity’s Pathfinder, tasked with finding a new home world for humanity while also dealing with an antagonistic alien race, the kett, and uncovering the secrets of a mysterious synthetic race, the Remnant. The score is composed by John Paesano.

There has been a lot of controversy around this popular game series since Mass Effect 3. It was an ending thing wasn’t it? I haven’t paid too much attention, nor have I played the games yet so I could be talking nonsense. I remember the scores though, of all games. They had this cool synth science fiction vibe over them, but I wonder if that is about to end. Paesano I’ve noticed haven been scoring some dramas recently and he’s great at them. When it comes to action, it’s good too, but it’s the drama where he excels for me. Maybe if he can bring some of that into the world of Mass Effect and it could well be the best Mass Effect score out there. The score opens with ‘A Better Beginning’ a really great opening cue, slow and heroic sounding with horns front and center and synth in the underscore. Sounds great. This is the drama part of Paesano that I love. And when things heat up with powerful percussion, it’s just pure inspirational gold.

Luckily it’s not the exception of the rule, but the rule itself. This score is filled with beautiful science fiction music, mostly orchestral, but some synth work as well. There’s a softness to the music which may be a bit different from what we’ve hear before in the series, but the music is so impressive and it is truly inspired work by Paesano. Action music is powerful as well with pulsating bass and heavy percussion. Listen to ‘Exaltation’ as an example. It might not be Mass Effect of old, but it’s really good science fiction video game music and as a listener of score only, I definitely approve. Although I have lots of love for the previous game scores, I think this will turn out to be the best one yet. I hope Paesano takes on more game projects in the future.

1. A Better Beginning
2. Memories
3. Exaltation
4. A Trail Of Hope
5. Khi Tasira
6. Neutron Purge
7. Voeld
8. Hunting The Archon
9. No More Mercy
10. Undiscovered
11. Vault
12. Resistance
15. Jaardan
16. First Contact Protocol
18. Heleus

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