Soundtrack Review: Michele Strogoff Il Corriere Dello Zar

Soundtrack Review: Michele Strogoff Il Corriere Dello Zar

Michele Strogoff Il Corriere Dello Zar Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Michele Strogoff Il Corriere Dello Zar by Marco Frisina.

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Michele Strogoff Il Corriere Dello Zar is a 1999 Italian-British adventure drama television movie directed by Fabrizio Costa and starring Paolo Seganti, Léa Bosco & Hardy Krüger Jr. Ever since the death of his wife, the famous and once highly-respected general Michael Strogoff has fallen steadily into a state of decrepitude. The Tartars have again overrun the empire’s Eastern Siberian territories, and constitute a serious threat. At this point the Tsar asks Strogoff to go and look for Boris, his young nephew and heir, who even though he managed to escape from the Tartars has so far not been found. Strogoff agrees to the mission, mainly because he hopes to take revenge on Ogareff, who was originally in the Czar’s service but is now on the side of the Tartars. It was Ogareff who murdered Strogoff’s wife and unborn child. Ogareff, who is now in the employ of the emir Feofar Khan, wants Boris too, and suspects that Count Krasov is hiding the boy. When he starts pressurizing the Count to tell him the boy’s whereabouts, the Count’s beautiful daughter Nadia offers to deliver Michael Strogoff, the Czar’s emissary, up to him. The score is composed by Marco Frisina.

This is apparently not the first movie based on Michele Strogoff, the most famous one being made in 1970. I don’t know the story, but Frisina impressed with his take on “Christus”, also from Kronos Records. The score opens with ‘Michele Strogoff – Titoli Di Testa’, a pompous overbearing piece of excellence. It has that big historical epic sound to it and that’s exactly what I hoped for. Still, even though the music has that “big” sound I can hear that the orchestra is not the biggest in the world. None of that matters though because Frisina makes great use of the orchestra here with ‘Assalto Tartaro’, a highly dramatic war-like piece with a bit of Middle-Eastern influence. In ‘Tema Di Nadia’, Frisina leaves the war behind with a lovely romantic theme. Frisina continues to impress. He knows how to create flair and drama with the orchestra and isn’t afraid to go all in with a beautiful theme. Nadia isn’t the only person with a theme. ‘Tema Di Boris’ has a lovely Russian sounding theme. Michele Strogoff is mainly a dramatic story though, a bit dark actually, apart from those themes of course. It has a sadness to it, and it’s truly wonderful to listen to. It doesn’t go too dark down and make me depressed, instead it plays sadness in such a way, that it sounds beautiful.

This is another score from Frisina that you absolutely must listen to so get it while you still can, as it is a very limited release.

1. Michele Strogoff – Titoli Di Testa
2. Assalto Tartaro
3. Tema Di Nadia
4. Ogareff
5. Tema Di Boris
6. Canto Tzigano
7. Jules
8. Nel Cuore Di Michele
9. Duello
10. L’eesecuzione Di Jules
11. Accecamento Di Strogoff
12. Coraggio Di Nadia
13. Cattura Di Strogoff
14. Morte Della Moglie Di Strogoff
15. Sul Treno
16. Tu Ami Il Corriere Dello Tzar
17. Il Monastero Distrutto
18. Trionfo Di Michele – Titoli Di Coda

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