Soundtrack Review: Misconduct

Soundtrack Review: Misconduct

Misconduct Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Misconduct by Federico Jusid.

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Geek Score: 98.3
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 50.8
Album Excellence: 87.7%

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Misconduct is a 2016 American thriller film directed by Shintaro Shimosawa and starring Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino and Josh Duhamel. An ambitious lawyer Ben (Josh Duhamel) finds himself caught in a struggle between a corrupt pharmaceutical executive, Denning (Anthony Hopkins), and the firm’s partner, Abrams (Al Pacino). The case takes a deadly turn and Ben must uncover the truth before he loses everything. The score is composed by Federico Jusid.

Last time I heard Jusid, in fact every time I hear Jusid I come away somewhat impressed. That’s never an easy task for any composer, but Jusid is on a hot streak (according to me). Will it continue? The score opens with ‘Overture’ a seemingly slow burner, but then it hits you, these string stabs reminiscent of Bernard Herrmann’s classic score Psycho. Then the piano, like a dance it just puts itself out there and doing a great job at it. It’s interesting how the underscore is seemingly low key, but Jusid puts these wonderful little elements of exciting music on top whether it’s plucked strings, horns or the piano. It has a classic feel to it as well, very Hitchcock-ian. It’s seedy, sexy, immersive. I love it. Now this is my kind of thriller music. With such a strong opening I’m worried that the rest can’t keep up. Well the next one ‘What Comes Next Is Our Secret’ and that is almost as delightful as the opening cue, almost. It’s still brilliant, stirring. It’s a true slow burner this time, but it’s music has me transfixed. Can’t get enough.

What a great time to be alive! Not only are we getting all these wonderful archival releases from the specialty labels, but now we even get one that could easily compete with the best of them. I normally never turn up the volume on scores more than I already have, but with Misconduct I made an exception. I just had to hear every single little detail, like an obsession and I believe my well being is better for it. I’m feeling a rush of emotions and thoughts coming up while listening to this excellent score. It’s like my mind can’t stop processing the thoughts or not process fast enough. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the score is classy as hell and it does it in a subtle way. Rarely does the music knock you over the head, but make no mistake, when it does, you’ll feel it. What I feel for the whole score is bliss and that’s no mistake either. The music has me spellbound and I don’t see any other solution other than listening to it over and over again. This score is hypnotising and clearly going to be one of the better scores this year.

1. Overture
2. What Comes Next Is Our Secret
3. Fistfight At The Church
4. In Eleven Hours
5. It’s Just Us *
6. Open The Door!
7. How Far Are You Willing To Go
8. Harder!
9. You Think You Have The Complete Picture But You Don’t
10. Take This Head And Put It On The Wall
11. Wanna Go On A Date
12. Leave No Trace Behind
13. At Least You Are Rich
14. There Is No Truth In The Law
15. Hunting Ben
16. There is No Right Or Wrong Only What’s True
18. How I Build My Reputation
19. I Took Actions With My Own Hands
20. Act As Normal As Possible
21. Amy’s Chase
23. The Art Gallery

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