Soundtrack Review: Mother’s Day (2010)

Soundtrack Review: Mother’s Day (2010)

Mother’s Day Soundtrack Review: This is a review of Mother’s Day by Bobby Johnston.

“If only… I kept saying to myself as I was listening to this.”

This 2010 horror feature has just been released by Lakeshore Records. Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman and starring Rebecca De Mornay, Jaime King and Shawn Ashmore, this is a story about the the sadistic members of a villainous family who returns to their childhood home to terrorize the new owners and their guests. The composer is Bobby Johnston.

Track List

1. Maternity Ward 80
2. Mother Plotting 60
3. Cleaner Chase 60
4. George and Lydia 60
5. Cop 40
6. Woman’s Choice 60
7. Pussy Patrol 40
8. Ike and Beth 60
9. ATM Arrival/Pick Up the Knife 40
10. Mother Searching 60
11. Mother Burns Pictures 60
12. Addley & Dave/Gina Escapes 40
13. All Dead 40
14. Mom, Gina and Tre 60
15. Mom Beth Fight 60
16. Mother’s Day Reprise 40
17. Lydia, Mother and Beth 60
18. Mother’s Day (Mike Simpson Remix) 40

Bobby Johnston is an American composer who has composed original scores for several films, including King of the Ants, Wristcutters: A Love Story and Edmond. This horror drama looks like a lot of fun, but the music ultimately disappoints simply because I don’t feel it, anything at all really. When I listen to the score I never feel scared, emotional or excited. Cues like ‘Cop’, ‘Pussy Patrol’ and others merely chugs along without any direction whatsoever and never gets going.


This wasn’t what I expected at all, and unfortunately I didn’t get what I wanted. This score could have had a lot going for it, but ultimately it is not even remotely interesting for me. If only… I kept saying to myself as I was listening to this. Oh well, at least the film seems interesting.


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