Soundtrack Review: My Saviour

Soundtrack Review: My Saviour

My Saviour Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score My Saviour by TreesTakeLife.

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Geek Score: 80
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 8.9
Album Excellence: 20.4%

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My Saviour is a British thriller directed by Steven Murphy and starring Rocci Williams, Lee Craven & Todd Von Joel. Monica is a lost and broken woman after a series of setbacks, leaving her world and all she has known upside down. After a brutal attack by a local gang she feels she has nothing left and wishes for somebody to come and ‘save her’. A MAN appears from nowhere and protects Monica from another attack at the hands of the gang. They form a deep and powerful bond that engulfs them as they become each others world. As her confidence is restored through the MAN’s actions she then begins to question his past. As she investigates she is forced to confront truths about her own existence, truths that she never thought existed. But as events spiral out of control through a hellish nightmare she realises that devastating consequences may be waiting for her and her saviour. The score is composed by TreesTakeLife.

I have no idea who is behind the catchy name TreesTakeLife but apparently they are film composers from Rome, Italy according to their SoundCloud. This should be interesting. The score opens with ‘Opening Title’, and nothing quite says thriller as this cue. It has the dark cello, piano and synth ambiance. It is perhaps a bit too typical. It’s interesting, but nothing I haven’t heard many times before. ‘Someone Who Save Me’ is even more moody, no piano this time. Strings and synths. Interesting, but is this is? This, as they say, is it. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, but I feel that this could get real boring real fast. I hope I’m wrong and that they mix it up a little bit.

Emotions is a great thing. In ‘Meet In Supermarket’ we have a very nice emotional minimalistic piano cue, a little bit too minimalistic. Some strings would make a world of difference. ‘Solitude’ to the rescue then with the answer I wanted to hear. It is a special kind of score though, one that deals with a certain set of moods. It’s not a typical thriller score like I mentioned at the beginning. I thought it was but it isn’t. There’s more here once you take the time to listen. Is it great? Not really, but it has moments. Mostly it’s all about the mood, some more minimalistic than others. It’s basically all you’re going to get from it, but for me that’s OK.

6. Solitude
19. The Final Fight

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