Soundtrack Review: Need For Speed (2014)

Soundtrack Review: Need For Speed (2014)

Need For Speed Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Need For Speed by Nathan Furst.

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20 tracks
71 minutes of score
Geek Score: 91
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 41.38
Album Excellence: 58%
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I love Need For Speed, the games that is. Ever since the first Need For Speed which I played on a PC in the late 90s, I’ve loved this series. Sure, not all the games in this series has been good, but most of them have. Of course, this is not a new NFS game, no this is a full live action movie and I’m a little bit excited. Could it rival the already awesome Fast & Furious series? The music will be hard to beat, because Brian Tyler’s sound really was perfect for that series. Here comes Nathan Furst who has really come on strong in recent years and I thought Waiting For Lightning from last year was pretty excellent.

Need For Speed is as expected, full of action and so is the score, predictably. What Furst does so well is mix that action with great melodies, not unlike Brian Tyler can do. I am definitely doing me and the score a little bit unjustice however by being this excited. I blame Mr. Furst for giving me a spectacular main theme early on to wet my appetite. I feel that the score overall doesn’t quite deliver on that scale, but it is satisfying, very satisfying.

The small annoying bits about this score is that some cues are just lingering on a state for a while, but not quite deliver on an epic scale I hoped it would. Cues like ‘Identical Ageras’ is a great example of that. Action cues like ‘Koenigsegg Race’ is also a “buildup” cue, so I was really hoping that at some point (very soon), this score would really explode. Luckily, it happens on track 10 ‘Motor City Mayhem’. From there, the real fun begins. Cue upon cue of great modern action music. When Furst is good, he’s really good. He sure can craft themes that are incredibly inspirational or sad like ‘Pete’s Death’, ‘Switching Seats’ and ‘California Crossing’.

I’m very happy with this score. It’s head to head with Tyler’s Fast & The Furious and it will surely be a race to be remembered.

1. Marshall Motors
7. Pete’s Death
8. Right Seater
10. Motor City Mayhem
11. Grasshopper
12. Hot Fuel
13. Crazy Little Tart
14. Switching Seats
15. Utah Escape
16. California Crossing
19. Lethal Force
20. In The Lead

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