Soundtrack Review: No Strings Attached

Soundtrack Review: No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score No Strings Attached by John Debney.

“No Strings Attached is not your typical romantic comedy score, it is definitely a lot more”

No Strings Attached is a comedy about a guy and a girl who are all about purely physical pleasure, but realize it is not enough for them. They want more. Starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman, this Ivan Reitman comedy is faring well in IMDB. Reitman seems to switch composer with every movie he does, but this time comedy specialist John Debney is up for another round of romance.

Track List

1. Golf Date ****
2. Emma Walks Adam to Car *****
3. Making Love *****
4. Toast to Hospital ****
5. You Wanna Do This? ****
6. Park Date ****
7. Emma Loses It **
8. Confrontation / Drive Home ****
9. Getting Married *****
10. Adam With Girls ***
11. Don’t Listen To Me *****
12. I’d Choose Adam / First Date *****
13. Three Months Later *****
14. Hailing The Cab ***
15. I Think I’m Falling *****
16. Drive to the Biltmore ****
17. Emma to Wedding *****
18. Heartbroken ****
19. Vanessa at Hospital ***
20. Sneaking Freckles Into Hospital ****
21. Emma Surprises Adam / I Love You *****

John Debney returns with another romantic comedy and I have to admit I am warming to it. I do enjoy it most when he can score something with action like Iron Man 2, but this is obviously what he enjoys scoring the most since it’s mostly what he does.

Incredibly Short

The score is incredibly short, just below 27 minutes, and it’s a perfect length. This doesn’t mean that the score is bad, far from it. I am just saying that a romantic comedy doesn’t need all that score. It works better with different artists and a decent soundtrack.

The style here is very light and you can hear very little evidence that it is a comedy in the first 6 tracks. Starting with ‘Golf Date’, ‘Emma Walks Adam to Car’ and ‘Making Love’ you could definitely be looking at a pure drama film. It is for me what makes a comedy score great. You can fill it with extremely funny scenes that require funny music, but in this one you are not overloaded with it, quite the opposite.

I would say it’s actually a bit too sweet to listen to, but I am enjoying almost every second of it at the moment.

It is a very pleasant surprise to have a comedy score that isn’t Theodore Shapiro and sounds really good. The quality here shines through and might be one of Debney’s best romantic comedy effort yet.

There’s only a couple of cues, ‘Emma Loses It’ and ‘Adam With Girls’ that are obviously created for a comedic moment in the movie, so I will forgive Debney for that.
Valentine’s Day might be over, but this score is for all the ones in love out there. It is truly a great effort by Debney and everyone involved. I have for a very long time tried to accept Debney as a composer of comedy scores, but maybe I have been too harsh. Just maybe he should score more romantic comedies because if they turn out like this, then I’m all for it.


No Strings Attached is not your typical romantic comedy score, it is definitely a lot more. It touches on heartfelt drama territory and perhaps feels too good for this movie? I really didn’t want to watch it, but after listening to the score I might have to push myself through 90 minutes of Ashton Kutcher. One of the best romantic comedies I have heard in a very long time.

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