Soundtrack Review: Nocturnal Animals

Soundtrack Review: Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal Animals Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Nocturnal Animals by Abel Korzeniowski.

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Nocturnal Animals is a 2016 American neo-noir psychological thriller directed by Tom Ford and starring Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal & Michael Shannon. A successful Los Angeles art-gallery owner’s idyllic life is marred by the constant traveling of her handsome second husband. While he is away, she is shaken by the arrival of a manuscript written by her first husband, who she has not seen in years. The manuscript tells the story of a teacher who finds a trip with his family turning into a nightmare. As Susan reads the book, it forces her to examine her past and confront some dark truths. The score is composed by Abel Korzeniowski.

Do you feel it? The excitement? I feel it every time I come across a Korzeniowski score. There’s something special about his scores usually that enthralls me and I have a alluring feeling that it’s the case for this one as well. The score opens with ‘Wayward Sisters’ and Korzeniowski does what he does. There’s a rich tapestry of strings and this feels like it’s unique to him, but it obviously isn’t. Still, his scores tend to do that more often than not, and I love it. Sometimes you just want a simple but complex score and this seems to tick all the boxes. The themes themselves are not that advanced, but when you start to really listen to everything going on in the cues, it’s mindbogling. It also has a kind of “classic” feel to the music. Nothing from this score screams modern thriller, but this is more of a 90s thriller feel or even older.

I can tolerate some voices on tracks, bit some I can’t. In this case, there’s a breathing track on top of ‘Exhibition’, but it works well and the underscore is tremendous. To be in the orchestra for a Korzeniowski score has to be a lot harder than most. Just listen to the swirling fiddling of a violin in ‘Off The Road’. I get dizzy just thinking about it. So much concentration and work needed as the cue is not just static even though the motif is. It’s constantly flowing, moving, and it sounds superb. If I had to describe the score in two words, I would use rich and colorful. That’s what it projects to me. It’s not a roller coaster of well defined themes, but I just love the strings in this score, it’s sublime and to me it evokes a lot of emotions. This is definitely a score to check out.

1. Wayward Sisters
2. Exhibition
3. Restless
5. Off The Road
7. The Field
8. Crossroads
9. Mothers
10. City Lights
11. Table For Two

12. The Field (Alt. Version)

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