Soundtrack Review: Nude

Soundtrack Review: Nude

Nude Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the documentary score Nude by Reza Safinia.

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Nude is a 2017 American documentary film directed by Anthony B. Sacco which follows treats! magazine founder Steve Shaw and photographer David Bellemere’s NU Muses project. It explores perceptions of nudity in art by chronicling the creative process of fashion photographer David Bellemere. Commissioned by NU Muses founder Steve Shaw to shoot a fine art calendar of nude photographs to debut at Art Basel in Miami, Bellemere’s unique methods and visual style are examined. The film also looks at the creative and business aspirations of Shaw, plus how social media shapes the lives of today’s young models. The score is composed by Reza Safinia.

Safinia’s composer career has been interesting to follow so far and for me it started with the 2013 thriller "Enter The Dangerous Mind". This is the first documentary score I’ve heard, but if this succeeds, Safinia has had a good year. He recently did "Birth Of The Dragon" with H. Scott Salinas, another composer known mostly for documentary scores. Well I don’t know about you, but I’m very curious. But before we talk about the score, we have to talk about the score, and by that I mean the track list. You might have peaked on it already and wondered what the hell is going on. There are 12 cues on this score, and each and every one of them is simply called ‘Nude’. That’s rather unusual, but following the tradition of those classic Italian scores, let’s call them ‘Nude1’, ‘Nude2’ and so on. But now, back to the actual music and it opens with, you guessed it, ‘Nude1’ a rather lonely sounding piano etude at first, but then as the cue enters it’s final phase, there’s power, but maybe not enough. I still enjoy it quite a bit and I’ll have to listen to it again.

Now I see you got this score pegged. So it’s a piano score is it? Well that’s ok, Piano can be pretty nice. Except Safinia doesn’t stay very long with the piano and goes into electronica mode with ‘Nude2’ and that’s quite the positive surprise for me. Not that piano was in any way not exciting enough, but Safinia keeps me guessing and hey, the music isn’t bad either. Safinia should just keep us in electronica land and he does, quite aggressively at times and that’s pretty great. I think this is Safinia’s "sounds", and if it isn’t it’s certainly unquestionable within his wheelhouse. And just when you thought this electronica thing was going to last, Safinia change into a more contemporary minimalistic style with guitar and ambiance. It’s all good though and that’s the main thing I am stuck with after finishing this really good score.

1. Nude1
2. Nude2
3. Nude3
5. Nude5
7. Nude7
11. Nude11

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