Soundtrack Review: Obduction

Soundtrack Review: Obduction

Obduction Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the video game score Obduction by Robyn Miller.

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Geek Score: 83.5
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 21.6
Album Excellence: 27.3%

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Obduction is an adventure video game developed by Cyan Worlds. Obduction is considered a spiritual successor to Cyan’s previous adventure games, Myst and Riven. In Obduction, the player’s character has been abducted from Earth by aliens and transported to one of several alien worlds, with the goal to try to find a way home. The game, played out as an adventure game from the first-person perspective, has the player exploring the environment of several different worlds, which includes a mix of alien landscapes and familiar human settings, solving puzzles, and making decisions that can influence how the game ends. The game features traditional navigation controls for first-person games as well as a node-based point and click system. Many objects in the game can be selected and examined in a full three-dimensional view, allowing the player to discover possible hidden drawers or features that aid in puzzle solving. The score is composed by Robyn Miller.

Once upon a time, Myst was the shit. It doesn’t look as good going back to it today, but when it came out, everyone was impressed. The composer of Myst was in fact Robyn Miller who also is doing the score for this one, it’s spiritual successor, so that’s pretty exciting. The score opens with ‘Not Worth The Wistful Sentimentality Of This Moment’ and it’s pretty much exactly what I thought it would sound like (or thereabouts). It is very serene, very zen. Slow evolving moods with various “effects” coming in. It’s dark, and a little bit dramatic, but most of all it’s calming. ‘The Rabbit Hole’ continues down the rabbit hole with more moods, even more minimalistic than the opening cue.

This is pretty much exactly what I had hoped this would be and knowing Robyn Miller from previous Myst scores, this is the kind of music one would expect. Sometimes, when the music is too minimalistic, I feel that the full potential of this music isn’t coming through, but when there’s an apparent underscore, I’m loving it. The score is much less interesting when a lot is happening such as with ‘Iron Altitude High’. Percussion doesn’t work here I feel, and I’d much rather hear the various synth and piano moods. We all need scores like this though, this is the kind of music you can safely listen to and reflect, to be at peace. It’s not a score you need to analyse hard, but just enjoy as it is. I’m sure it’s even better in context.

1. Not Worth The Wistful Sentimentality Of This Moment
4. A Man Who Grossly Overvalues His Own Importance
6. Completing Your Task
8. The Space Between Worlds I
10. Mutated Clockwork
20. The Space Between Worlds II
28. Post Game Tristesse

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