Soundtrack Review: Oblivion (2013)

Soundtrack Review: Oblivion (2013)

Oblivion Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Oblivion by M83 & Joseph Trapanese.

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29 tracks
102 minutes of score
Geek Score: 94.4
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 77.92
Album Excellence: 76%
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I’ve been a fan of M83 for quite a while and excitement ensued when I heard that they are doing the movie score for one of the big blockbusters of the year, Oblivion. Joseph Trapanese was an unexpected bonus for me as I immensely enjoyed his work on Tron: Uprising and he also worked with Daft Punk on Tron: Legacy. This group could not possibly fail making this score great, could they?

There are two editions of the score, a regular score which has 17 tracks and a iTunes Deluxe Edition which has 30 tracks, I’ll be reviewing the latter.

Listening to this score, the influences are quite clear. I can hear a lot of Tron in here, but even more so, I can hear Hans Zimmer who also was an inspiration for the Tron scores. Particularly the cue ‘Waking Up’ could probably be added to his Dark Knight or Inception scores and no one would have complained. In fact, it is a fantastic homage to Hans Zimmer and a cue so good that it almost surpasses Zimmer himself. The buildup of that cue is perfect, the pacing is perfect, it even has a Inception-like blast sound in there.

The rest of the score is what you would expect, but it has it’s highs and lows. At times it sounds epic and other times it’s not even close. A fine mix it has been though in the end and the highs of the score far outweighs the lows in my opinion.

I have to mention the title track of the soundtrack that features Norwegian singer Susanne Sundfør called ‘Oblivion’. It was released before the score and got us all excited. In the background you can hear the main theme, and Susanne does an excellent job of adding power to this awesome and inspiring track.

I had a good and exciting feeling about Oblivion and so I put it on my most anticipated scores of 2013 list and luckily it turns out it was worth the wait. I am simply not ready to give up music like Inception, The Dark Knight, Tron: Legacy and Tron: Uprising. I love it too much and Oblivion gives me more of what I crave, so what’s not to love? Zimmer haters might stay away though…

UPDATE: I’ve updated the score to reflect what I think about it now and it has really grown on me making it one of the best sci-fi score in recent years. The theme is so good, it’s crashing my own theme table, possible the best theme I’ve heard for a long time, and definitely amongst the best sci-fi themes ever made. Some of the cues here are amazing like ‘Jack’s Dream’, ‘Supercell’, ‘Starwaves’, ‘Earth 2077’ and specially ‘I’m Sending You Away’

1. Jack’s Dream *
2. Waking Up
3. Supercell *
4. Tech 49
7. Starwaves *
8. Hydrorig
9. Crater Lake *
10. Unidentified Object
11. Odyssey Rescue
14. Earth 2077 *
15. Revelations
16. Drone Attack
17. Return To empire State
19. Canyon Battle
23. Raven Rock
24. Knife Fight In A Phone Booth
25. I’m Sending You Away *
26. Ashes Of Our Fathers
27. Temples Of Our Gods
28. Fearful Odds *
29. Undimmed By Time, Unbound By Death

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