Soundtrack Review: Out Of Africa (1985)

Soundtrack Review: Out Of Africa (1985)

Out Of Africa Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Out Of Africa by John Barry.

I’m still getting to know John Barry. Having recently reviewed his score for Goldfinger, I am also familiar with his excellent work for Dances With Wolves. Speaking of Dances With Wolves, I can definitely hear a similarly style in this score. ‘Overture’ and ‘Main Title’ has a wonderful sweeping main theme you can’t help fall in love with and that’s just the tip of the iceberg because this score has so much to offer.

By the way, if it hasn’t become apparent, I am reviewing the 20th Anniversary version of the score with 33 tracks in total. When listening to this score, I want to go back and listen to Dances With Wolves again, because this is purely romantic Hollywood scoring at it’s best. If there is a more brilliant and epic romantic score than this I want to know.

This score ticks all the boxes for me. It’s got fantastic sweeping and epic themes that just seems to fill the air with absolute class and dignity. Barry is fast becoming my must-listen-to composer when he keeps on delivering great scores like this. If you haven’t bought this score yet, then you’re missing out. It’s a score that’s so great, it will remain a classic in the film music genre for all time.

1. Overture
2. Main Title
3. I’m Better At Hello
4. Have You Got A Story For Me?
5. Safari
7. Flying Over Africa
8. I Had A Compass From Denys
9. Alone On The Farm
10. If I knew A Song Of Africa
11. You Are Karen
12. The Music Of Goodbye / Love Theme
13. I Had A Farm In Africa
14. Alone On The Farm
15. Karen & Denys
16. Have You Got A Story For Me?
17. I’m Better At Hello
19. The Journey Ends
20. Return From The Border
21. Building A School
22. Harvest
23. Safari
24. Flight Over Africa
25. Bach At Night
26. You Will Keep Me Then
27. If I Knew A Song OF Africa
28. You Are Karen
29. End Credits
30. Out Of Africa
31. Let The Rest Of The World Go By
32. The Music OF Goodbye


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