Soundtrack Review: Overlooker

Soundtrack Review: Overlooker

Overlooker Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the video game score Overlooker by Connor O.R.T. Linning.

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Geek Score: 81.7
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 4.6
Album Excellence: 17.3%

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Play as Arianna, a woman lost in a giant building, and escape the terror in this Gameboy Color inspired Survival Horror nightmare! Overlooker is a top down 2D game combining elements from action and horror genres. Use a melee weapon or firearms to fight monsters, read documents and examine the area around you to learn about the game’s cryptic backstory, and find keys and items that enable you to progress deeper into the abyss. The score is composed by Connor O.R.T. Linning.

Overlooker is a game where the composer is the game creator and as you know, that is kind of awesome. I love the indie revolution. The score was released last year and is probably overlooked (see what I did there?) by most. The score opens with ‘Title Screen’ and even in the first few seconds of the cue I can already say that we are well in the horror realm. But the graphics of the game looks so cute! Anyway, I digress, this main title is a very dark and sinister piece, purely mood based. It’s no doubt made this way so that when you start the game and have the title screen appear you are getting in a certain mood. It wants you to be scared. Don’t play past 2 minutes, because there’s some howling in there that gives me goosebumps. Scary stuff! I love it. ‘Tunnel Vision’ doesn’t make it less scary. Linning is very good at creating moods created to put you on alert. Certainly worked for me. ‘Safe For Now’ is also dark, but has a warmth to it thanks to a simple but nice synth theme.

See I wasn’t exactly expecting the score to be like this based on the graphics and how it looked. I haven’t played the game so I don’t know how it sounds in context, but it sounds like a game that is reliant on such a musical score to enhance the mood because I don’t think it can be done based on the graphics alone. It’s not all moods and simple synth melodies either. Try to experience ‘Red Room’ without going a little crazy. It sounds like a room of crazies shouting and mixed together with the percussion of madness. Still, this is mostly a mood based score and a very good one at that. It’s not a fantastic one though. The only time I thought it was truly fantastic was the opening cue with the unexpected howling after the 2 minute mark. It’s a little gem though, one that not a lot of people have heard of. Give it a try.

1. Title Screen
10. Time Is Running Out

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