Soundtrack Review: Peggy Sue Got Married

Soundtrack Review: Peggy Sue Got Married

Peggy Sue Got Married Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Peggy Sue Got Married by John Barry.

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Album Excellence: 63%
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Peggy Sue Got Married is a 1986 comedy film directed by Francis Ford Coppola starring Kathleen Turner and Nicolas Cage. Peggy Sue Bodell once got married to Charlie Bodell. Turns out that Charlie isn’t exactly the world’s greatest husband and they are on the verge of divorce. The life she always wanted seems to be stuck in the past. Luckily for Peggy Sue, she somehow gets transported back to the 60s where she is still attending high school. She gets a second chance in life. Will she take it or will she end up exactly where she is? The score is composed by John Barry and this review is part of composer of the month.

We start with ‘Blood Drive 1960’ which is kind of ominous and mysterious. Some nicer, more welcoming tones come in at 49 seconds. The music is opening up a little bit, like a morning sunrise. A flute comes in at 1:47. Well, this was quite depressive, the feeling I get from it. Off to something slightly different with ‘Peggy Sue’s Homecoming’, a lovely piano and string opening, a bit magical. Well, Peggy Sue is travelling through time anyway. At 34 seconds, there’s a glimpse of classic John Barry with some romantic music. The music doesn’t quite open up from the slightly sad opening. There’s still some sadness here. I guess Peggy Sue is reflecting on her poor choices in the past. From 2:28 though is a lovely little passage, and hopefully there will be more like this in the upcoming cues. ‘Sleep, Baby’ starts jazzy. Yes! I love it when John Barry gives me some jazzy delights. This is classic Barry, lovely, subtle romantics. Actually, it’s not subtle at all, it’s Barry through and through and I love it.

Some more Barry greatness in ‘The Silent Treatment’. Barry’s music is special and this is the kind of music that he and seemingly only he could create on a regular basis. He is sorely missed. Barry sure knew how to turn on the beauty factor in his scores. ‘Grandmother Calls’ is another great example of that. ‘Date With Charlie’ brings out the saxophone. Barry and his woodwinds will never get old. Just beautiful. ‘The Ritual’ is Barry in suspense mode, but not quite James Bond quality is it? Still very good though. Now this is interesting. After hearing the main theme a number of times, I realised (after listening to ’Charlie’s Proposal) that is sounds a bit like classic James Horner. Interesting. There’s a couple of great alternates, ‘Sleep, Baby (Alternate)’ and ‘Peggy Sue With Michael (Alternate)’ and if you enjoyed the originals, you will enjoy these (hint: I Did). There’s also an unused fanfare called ‘Unused Fanfare’, it’s only 11 seconds, but a lot of fun.

Beware though. I think this is one for Barry fans only. Barry haters (are there really Barry haters?) might steer clear as this is Barry overload, but it’s a treat for the fans. Varese Sarabande released the deluxe edition last year and that’s the one I’m reviewing. It’s a mix of Barry’s score and some songs by Buddy Holly and Dion & The Belmonts. It’s a wonderful release and a must-have for everyone really.

4. Sleep, Baby
5. The Silent Treatment
7. Grandmother Calls
8. Date With Charlie
9. Peggy Sue With Michael
11. Charlie’s Unplayed Guitar
12. Peggy Sue Visits Grandparents
15. Charlie, I Had The Strangest Experience
21. Sleep, Baby (Alternate)
22. Peggy Sue With Michael (Alternate)
23. Unused Fanfare

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