Soundtrack Review: Piranha 3D

Soundtrack Review: Piranha 3D

Piranha 3D Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the motion picture score Piranha 3D by Michael Wandmacher.

“The soundtrack has potential to be even better, but I just know it will grow in excellence rather than fade away”?

Do you like campy horror movies? I do! Ever since my big sister forced me to watch those cheesy 80s horror movies with her, I’ve been hooked. Horror movies is a genre that doesn’t have to be filled up with Oscar winning performances. It is all about the fun, the thrills, the horror and the decapitations. Piranha 3D is the latest effort to bring the horrors of the sea. Remember Jaws? Well Richard Dreyfuss is in this one. As much as horror movies is a special genre, the music can be a mixed bag. Michael Wandmacher is returning to the horror genre, but does he get it right this time?

Track List

1. Whirlpool *****
2. Piranha *****
3. Empty Boat ***
4. Cold Feet ****
5. The Cave **
6. Pack Attack ***
7. Mutiny ***
8. Swimming For Blood ***
9. The Bucket **
10. Marina Attack, Pt 1 ****
11. Marina Attack, Pt 2 ****
12. Bits And Pieces ***
13. Trapped ***
14. Seasick ****
15. Massacred ***
16. Rescued ***
17. Prey ****
18. Sunbathers ****
19. Army Of Teeth *****
20. Connect The Boats ****
21. Blood Red Sand *****
22. Tightrope *****
23. Bait *****
24. Pressure Wave ****
25. Breathe *****
26. End Titles ****

Piranha Teeth

What surprised me the most was how heavily it is focused on action. It can easily be mistaken for an action score at times, but it does have plenty of chills, perhaps most with the Piranha theme. It’s a 4-note motif that sounds like little knives or perhaps little teeth gnawing away at their victims. It starts high and goes lower in progression. Fantastic in the movie, and you immediately recognize the prehistoric fish coming your way. It also goes a long way to build tension on the album and gives you a reminder that this is actually a horror score.

Oh where’s my manner, the Piranha theme can be hard in the title cue ‘Piranha’ and it is a truly excellent track that goes from scary to Charlie Clouser in a little over a minute. I felt the ending of this cue is quite similar to Clouser’s work on the Saw series of films. It hasn’t gone out of style yet!


As for the action I was talking about, there’s pretty much of that in cues like ‘Whirlpool’ which is perhaps THE action cue of the track. Very tense and fast-paced. ‘Pack Attack’ and ‘Marina Attack, Pt. 1’ & ‘Marina Attack, Pt. 2’ are other examples of Wandmacher’s excellent action scoring.

I also have to mention the cue ‘Sunbathers’ which has a wonderful bass sound in the beginning, almost like a theme by itself. If this was Jaws in 2010, this might be a good start. ‘Blood Red Sand’ also has some uniqueness to it with it’s heavy distorted synth rhythm that carries the track.


Wandmacher has done a lot of good things with Piranha 3D, and perhaps most impressive is the main theme, or merely the idea of it. I love the fact that it really gives me an image of Piranha teeth’s coming at me. The soundtrack has potential to be even better, but I just know it will grow in excellence rather than fade away. One of the better horror scores in 2010, that’s for sure.

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