Soundtrack Review: Po

Soundtrack Review: Po

Po Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Po by Burt Bacharach & Joseph Bauer.

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Geek Score: 92.8
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 33.4
Album Excellence: 79.6%

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Po is a 2016 American fantasy drama film directed by John Asher and starring Christopher Gorham, Julian Feder & Kaitlin Doubleday. When David Wilson’s young wife falls victim to cancer, he is left a single working dad with the sole responsibility of caring for his autistic son. Patrick (Julian Feder), who prefers to be called Po, is a gifted but challenged child who was very close to his mother and unable to communicate his own sense of loss. As father and son struggle to deal with life after mom, they each begin to withdraw. David (Christopher Gorham) is consumed by the high-pressure job he’s close to losing, and Po copes with the bullying in his sixth-grade classroom by escaping into his magical fantasy world, the Land of Color, where he’s just a typical carefree boy with a rich cast of companions. The challenge of serving as the single parent of a special-needs child creates a growing divide between father and son, threatening to separate David and Po permanently. Based on a true story, the bonds of love between a grieving father and son are tested in the most real way in PO. The score is composed by Burt Bacharach & Joseph Bauer.

Burt Bacharach is an artist everyone my age has a relationship with. The man is a legend, mostly with the iconic songs he’s written like ‘Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head’ and ‘Arthur’s Theme’. He’s been involved in film and music for a very long time as well including a few scores. However I thought he had retired from that part and suddenly he is back co-composing a brand new film with composer Joseph Bauer. I’m excited. The score opens with ‘Amelia Says Goodbye’ composed by Bacharach. It’s a sweet opening theme, purely piano, very emotional, and a nice little theme as well. It’s enough to be smitten, but not enough to fall in love just yet. As sweet and simple as that opening cue was, ‘The Pirate’ is technically impressive, a lot more busy and complex. Still piano, but with the addition of strings. Not sure I like the way the strings sounds, but the piano is flawless and brilliant. Maybe this is Bacharach’s contribution, and if it is I’m happy with it.

Bauer is complementing Bacharach’s music with more piano, but more minimalistic and serene, almost dreamy. The fantasy part of this score. I love the moods he brings me. ‘Drawing’ is the first cue by Bauer and it’s a really pretty, music for thought and reflection. His second cue ‘The Land Of Color’ is even more impressive, with a bit more energy and a nice theme. Bacharach the legend gives us a reprise of one his most beloved songs ‘Close To You’ to seal the deal. This is a very impressive score. It’s not a complex score, but one to listen to and reflect. It’s a perfect score for that. The music resonates with me an I had a great time listening to this one.

2. Amelia Says Goodbye
5. Drawing
6. The Land Of Color
8. Family Time
10. Close To You *
12. Detached
13. Lost
14. Through The Door
16. Pier
17. Another World
19. Dad Packing
20. Airport Kiss
21. The Pier
22. Rainbow On The Wall
24. It’s Okay
27. Dancing With Your Shadow

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