Soundtrack Review: Pojkarna

Soundtrack Review: Pojkarna

Pojkarna Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Pojkarna by Sophia Ersson.

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Geek Score: 86.1
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 18.9
Album Excellence: 47.4%

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Pojkarna AKA Girls Lost is a 2015 Finnish-Swedish drama film directed by Alexandre-Therese Keining and starring Mandus Berg, Adam Dahlgren & Malin Eriksson. Kim, Bella and Momo, three bullied teenage girls, are going through the throes of finding themselves. Surrounded by a dark world of teenage violence, marginalization and sexual confusion, the girls have only each other. They come across a curious magical plant that, when consumed, transforms the girls temporarily into boys. Not only does their gender change, the world around them, and their response to it, is altered. The score is composed by Sophia Ersson.

Well this is interesting. Drama with a dash of fantasy and how interesting isn’t it to change gender? I don’t see much of that in movies, and certainly not that much which is excellent anyway. The score opens with ‘Intro’, a dark opening with an interesting retro bass synth increasing in strength as the short cue plays. I don’t really get anything from it, certainly not anything story wise, but it should be interesting watching it in context. Now ‘Bicycle’ changes things up quite a bit with an all-synth swirling motif and this is more my thing. It sounds beautiful and exciting, and retro to boot. It’s fast-paced and an instant mood enhancer. This is more like it. Well that went from utter darkness to happy summer delight and then back to darkness with ‘Heartbeats’. This score is nothing if not extremely interesting so far. My ears are peaked and excited to hear what comes next. I’m loving the synths by the way, they sound great and very retro.

It might not hit all the right keys, in fact far from it, but wow I keep listening to this and imagining something I think happens based on the cue name and sound alone. It’s intriguing, one of the most curious scores I’ve heard all year and also one of the most addictive. Sometimes scores are like this, not great from star to finish but impossible to put down with the promise of a great time and this one delivers in it’s own synth quirky 80s kind of way. Yeah I don’t know exactly how to explain what I’m hearing or what I’m experiencing, but it is so interesting to me, much more than most synth scores. Give me this one over a Hollywood synth score any day of the week because this gave me something new, something inspiring.

2. Bicycle
9. Soccer
10. Woods
11. Cool
12. Tony
13. Transformation II
14. Roof
23. Fire
24. Ending
25. Endtheme

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