Soundtrack Review: Preservation

Soundtrack Review: Preservation

Preservation Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Preservation by Samuel Jones & Alexis Marsh.

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Geek Score: 90.6
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 29.3
Album Excellence: 54.3%

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Preservation is a 2014 American horror film directed by Christopher Denham and starring Wrenn Schmidt, Pablo Schreiber and Cody Saintgnue. PRESERVATION follows brothers Sean (Pablo Schreiber), a recently returned veteran, and Mike (Aaron Staton), a hedge fund manager, who head out of town to hunt in a closed nature preserve with Mike’s wife, Wit (Wrenn Schmidt) – a brainy anesthesiologist – in tow. With Sean unhinged from his stint in the military, and Mike distracted by career ambition, this was not the romantic getaway Wit was hoping for. But soon the trio is threatened by an unseen menace, and the hunters become the hunted. A camping trip in the woods turns into a contest for survival. When the brothers are stalked and ensnared, Wit must unleash her own animal instincts or else end up a trophy. The score is composed by Samuel Jones & Alexis Marsh.

This movie looks intriguing and the critics seems to love it, although the people actually watching it is more luke warm. Man against beast! There’s something exciting about that. The composer duo known as Alexis & Sam has a long-standing working relationship and it’s interesting that they come from a jazz, pop and avant-garde music background. How will that translate to horror? The score contains a lot of short cues and the opening cue ‘Gas Station’ is only 33 seconds one, but I love the rural guitar sound. This is fascinating. ‘No One’s Here’ is a laid back soothing minimalistic ambient cue with hazy ooh’ing and aah’ing. I’m intrigued! Well I’m loving the sound of this score which continues with ‘Follow The Animals’. The melody created here is also one for repeat (I hope).

Alexis & Sam has also created a sweet love theme called ‘Swimming (Love Theme)’, a wonderful and short love theme with some vocals on there and gorgeous musical backdrop. It’s a winner. The musical backdrop, the moods it creates in my mind is pure and addicting. I am just hypnotised by it, gripped by the music that lingers in my brain and just floats around in there. I got so much impressions as well, and there’s a lot to process in the score. It might seem simple, but boy does it give me food for thought. What the score doesn’t do so well is scares and action, but I don’t mind that at all because I am enjoying the score too much to care. This is a great score, not just a horror score, but so much more.

1. Gas Station
2. No One’s Here
3. Follow The Animals
4. They’re Watching Us
6. Deer Blind
7. Chasing The Deer
8. Swimming (Love Theme) *
9. Kids Scare Me *
11. Pregnant
12. Lost
14. Stab
16. Ranger Station
19. Climbing
20. Our Wedding Day
22. Coming To
23. In The Pipe
28. Tire Iron
31. Picnic

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