Soundtrack Review: Priest

Soundtrack Review: Priest

Priest Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Priest by Christopher Young.

“Young’s magnificent score fits Priest perfectly and vice versa”

Priest is an action/horror/sci-fi film directed by Scott Charles Stewart. It’s set in a post-apolyptic world where there has been centuries of war between man and vampire. All hope is not lost however for the humans as there is this legend about a legendary warrior priest. Scott Charles Stewart directed Legion last year also starring Paul Bettany, but that time he was an angel. John Frizzell was the chosen composer but this time Christopher Young is doing his scoring duties.

Track List

1. Priest *****
2. Eclipsed Heart *****
3. I Have Sinned *****
4. Blood Framed Hell ****
5. Sacrosanct Delirium ****
6. Never One For Love ****
7. Faith, Work, Security *****
8. The Vampire Train ****
9. Fanfare for a Resurrected Priestess *****
10. Cathedral City Blue *****
11. Detuned Towne *****
12. A World Without End *****


What I’ve always admired about Christopher Young is his way of creating beautiful melodic and scary horror scores. He has made it his strongest suit and since this is a horror-ish film, we should be in for a good time.

Young doesn’t disappoint with the forceful opening track ‘Priest’ that is a mayhem of a melody with choirs, powerful percussion and even a church organ.
Get ready for a ride through Christopher Young land. You don’t want to get off, trust me.

‘I Have Sinned’ is a continuation of ‘Priest’ with more heavy action material weaved into a creepy package, particularly in ‘I Have Sinned’ where it really goes dark for a period, but most will care for the immense action going on. It’s been a long time since I have heard so much good action from Young.

‘Eclipsed Heart’ is the complete opposite of track number one and three. It is a soft beautiful cue with a great melody, almost like a love song.

If you want to hear more beautiful themery from Young, please skip to ‘Faith, Work, Security’ which has the most powerful theme sung by a choir with Young’s great underscore.

If you love ethnic female voice, you’ll love ‘Fanfare for a Resurrected Priestess’. I know I did!


I heard someone say on a forum that this score would be good if it ever was released. Well it got released and the score is wonderful. Young’s magnificent score fits Priest perfectly and vice versa. From the massive use of great choirs single voices and the melodic parts, Young has yet another winner on his hands. The action bits kick ass as well and should be included as a reminder that Young is no slouch when it comes to pure action scoring.

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