Soundtrack Review: Quantum Break

Soundtrack Review: Quantum Break

Quantum Break Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the video game score Quantum Break by Petri Alanko & John Kaefer.

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Geek Score: 85.3
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 14.1
Album Excellence: 28.9%

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Quantum Break is an action-adventure science fiction third-person shooter video game developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft Studios, The game was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One on 5 April 2016. Directed by Sam Lake and Mikael Kasurinen, the game features Jack Joyce, the main protagonist, trying to stop Paul Serene, a close friend and Monarch Solutions CEO, from enforcing the End of Time after a failed time-machine experiment, which gives Jack time manipulation powers. Quantum Break is mostly a third-person shooter, but includes elements of a platform game in less action-oriented segments, and “junction points” that interact with the game’s outcome, much like a gamebook, with episodes of an integrated live-action television show, featuring the actual actors of the characters, interacting with the player’s choices, displaying the outcome of the choices made. The score is composed by Petri Alanko & John Kaefer.

The technical side of this game looks amazing and they seem to have a good story as well. The TV series included in the story is rather tame, or so I hear. I have yet to play it myself. I’ve yet to hear a score By Petri Alanko that I dislike so I have high hopes for this one. The score opens with ‘Meeting An Old Friend’ an opening cue rooted in investigation and mystery. The electronic music fits it well though, but there’s nothing quite to grab and hold on to, nothing definable. I like the mood though and I think it matches the visuals quite well. Campus feels a bit warmer thanks to some strings and an actual theme. We’re definitely getting warmer.

I think the identity thing is going to be a bit of a problem. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying the music, but it’s just music, any music, generic music. I don’t feel it, I don’t feel the ups and downs of the story, I don’t feel the emotions and I don’t feel the characters. In parts I do, but only for short periods of time like the strings in ‘Campus’ or the warm underscore in ‘Remote Warning’. This score needs heart and I think it lacks it sadly. That being said, I was never bored. It’s quite a good listen and I enjoy “being” here with the music and listen to it, not as part of a story, but just part of my day, my life. What do you think of the score?

2. Campus
5. Remote Warning
10. Beth
12. Goodbye? Again
14. Doubt, Despair, Hope

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