Soundtrack Review: Quentin Durward

Soundtrack Review: Quentin Durward

Quentin Durward Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Quentin Durward by Bronislau Kaper.

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59 minutes of score
Geek Score: 92.5
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 43.65
Album Excellence: 74%
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Quentin Durward or The Adventures Of Quentin Durward from 1955 is next up in Polish Film Music Composers month. The Richard Thorpe directed movie is about a Scottish knight in France who is trying to facilitate a marriage between a rich and beautiful countess and an ageing uncle. This movie was part of an unofficial trilogy of historical adventures. Like Ivanhoe and Knights Of The Round Table this score should have been composed by Miklos Rozsa but he couldn’t due to scheduling conflict so it became Bronislau Kaper who did it. Of course you can’t really compare this to them because it’s an entirely different type of film. While Rozsa’s movies was pure drama, this is more comedy.

It says it’s an action film in IMDB, but I bet it’s a lot of comedy beause the music is certainly very comedic at times. I would call it a swashbuckling comedy style with burst of excellent sequences. It’s not that similar to Rozsa’s Ivanhoe and Knights Of The Round table but perhaps it resembles Korngold’s music in the 30s/40. Normally I don’t like too much comedy in my comedy scores, but this one sounds alive and fun. I am enjoying almos every note of the so-called comedy style of music. In-between we get heroic and swashbuckling fun to add to the mix. In cues like ‘De Creville / He Is A Paragon / What Are You’ you get the unmistakably warm and romantic feel of the whole 50s era of music. It was a wonderful time and the style really is amazing to listen to.

This is 50s gold and a must for lovers of classic Golden Age film music. It sounds quite good too which isn’t always the case for 50s music being restored.

1. Main Title / Lord Crawford
3. Vanished / Honorable House / Fight At Bridge
4. Quentin Arrives At Castle / Quentin Cases Castle
7. De Creville / He Is A Paragon / What Are You
8. France / Plot / Departure / Away / More Win
9. Stop / It’s Useless / Take The Gypsy
10. I Feel BEtter / Do Something / Whip / Jewel Box / Gypsy Dance
13. I Must Go / Get Him
15. It’s The Room
16. Arrest / End and Cast

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