Soundtrack Review: Random Tropical Paradise

Soundtrack Review: Random Tropical Paradise

Random Tropical Paradise Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Random Tropical Paradise by Bryce Jacobs.

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Total Minutes Of Excellence: 17.2
Album Excellence: 61.7%

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Random Tropical Paradise is a 2017 American comedy film directed by Sanjeev Sirpal and starring Bryan Greenberg, Brooks Wheelan & Spencer Grammer. For Harry Fluder, life was working out exactly how he thought it was supposed to. He had a great job, loyal friends, and the perfect fiancee. However, finding one of his maybe not-so-loyal friends doing a "great job" with his perfect fiancee, was not part of the plan. After cancelling the wedding, Harry, in a drunken stupor, ponders how everything that was so right could have gone so wrong, meanwhile Bowie, Harry’s best man, gets a flash of inspiration. Instead of also cancelling the amazing tropical honeymoon, why don’t the two of them go instead, on an epic "homie-moon." What is supposed to be a refreshing weekend of rest and relaxation turns into an all-out bonkers adventure of epic proportions. Harry and Bowie will have the time of their lives, if they can just survive this Random Tropical Paradise.

Oh dear, this plot doesn’t appeal to me. Well maybe it appeals to my inner 14-year old, maybe, barely. Still, there’s something about that cover that appeals to me. A sort of mis-guided hope that there might be some 80s music in this one. Hope I’m right, but I’m 98% sure I’m wrong. The score opens with ‘Rancho Para’, and maybe not the 80s sound I was hoping for, but this could easily pass for a 90s guitar theme. Not so bad actually. The 90s guitar is definitely a thing here and the score is more varied than you might think. ‘Yacht That Rock’ is a rather cool and interesting blues-like piece with a smooth sound to it and that guitar sounds pretty great.

Will it be enough to play Random Tropical Paradise into our playlists and more importantly our hearts? I don’t know about that, but the musical style feels pretty nice and relaxed when it can be and I wouldn’t mind listening to a few of these cues again in a future playlist. I also have to commend Bryce Jacobs for giving a rather unique musical style to this movie and one that you won’t hear in many scores this year or any other year. That’s it’s biggest selling point. It will probably not be enough to convince the inner circle of soundtrack fans, and that’s quite frankly a shame. I’m positively surprised by how cool this score sounds and I was definitely not expecting that. That being said, maybe this style isn’t for you, but I had fun with it.

2. Yacht That Rock
3. Snake Dancing In Front Of The Mirror
5. 20 Year Orbit
6. Today Was A Good Day
9. Harry & Colette

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