Soundtrack Review: Rango

Soundtrack Review: Rango

Rango Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the motion picture score Rango by Hans Zimmer.

“He is however in hard training for his big piece this year, The Pirates of the Caribbean”

It’s time for some heroics again, and in the form of a Chameleon-shaped well… Chameleon. It’s set in the old west where heroics has a way of finding it’s weirdest partners. Rango is the name and Gore Verbinski is at the helm. Zimmer and Verbinski has always had a good working relationship and I don’t see why Rango should be any different. Hans Zimmer will be scoring a couple of animated features this year and Rango is first.

Track List

2. Rango Suite ****
4. It’s a Metaphor ***
5. Welcome to Dirt ***
6. Name’s Rango ****
9. Underground ****
10. We Ride, Really! ****
11. Rango and Beans ***
12. Bats *****
14. Rango Returns ****
16. It’s a Miracle ****
18. The Sunset Shot ****

Great Year For Zimmer

This year might be Hans Zimmer’s great year with the new Pirates of the Caribbean and already you can hear he is thinking about it a lot. In almost all of the cues I hear a little bit of Jack Sparrow and also a little Sherlock Holmes.

What about Rango? Well Rango doesn’t feel like he has something unique to him unfortunately. The music helps to establish his quirky and humorous appearance, but where’s the “thing” that makes him stand out?

The ‘Rango Suite’ has almost everything you need. The other half comes in the form of ‘Bats’ which starts off with Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyrie and goes into what could have been greatness if there was just more of it. Blue Danube by Strauss is also represented by the way!

Most Zimmer cues are annoyingly short and what’s worse is that a lot of them has spoken intro’s and sometimes in the end. It annoys me a lot more than I thought because I just skip the talking parts, but at the same time they are part of the cue.


Hans Zimmer is not back to his best self, that much is clear. He is however in hard training for his big piece this year, The Pirates of the Caribbean. As a standalone score, it doesn’t do much for me and it’s even worse when a lot of the music is interrupted by vocals. Get this if you are a hardcore Hans Zimmer fan, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you skipped this and waited for the real Hans Zimmer.

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