Soundtrack Review: Rec 3 Genesis (2012)

Soundtrack Review: Rec 3 Genesis (2012)

Rec 3 Genesis Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Rec 3 Genesis by Mikel Salas.

“Rec 3 is a very good action horror score that even managed to scare me a couple of times.”

Rec 3 Genesis is the latest film in the horror series Rec. It’s directed by Paco Plaza and starring Leticia Dolera, Diego Martín and Ismael Martínez. A couple’s wedding day turns into a horrific events as some of the guests start showing signs of a strange illness. The score is composed by Mikel Salas.

Track List

1. Cinemascope 80
2. Zombies 80
3. Clara 100
4. The Knights of Sant Jordi 60
5. Attack and Pray 80
6. John Esponja 60
7. Natalie 60
8. Mama 60
9. Uncle Víctor 60
10. Union: Part I 100
11. Union: Part II 80
12. After 80
13. You’ll Be a Helluva Father! 100
14. Always 100

Rec 3 certainly differs from Rec 1 and 2, both in score and film, particularly since the score wasn’t present in those films. In Rec 3, there’s a lot going on and the action never stops. I feel that the score represent the film well with a mixture of action cues and scary cues. One of the scarier ones are ‘Zombies’, at least in the beginning when you feel that something horrible is going to happen.

The first cue I really loved on this score is ‘Clara’ with it’s almost Disney-like fairytale opening, but that’s just the start. We’ll soon hear what Clara is all about. Behind that cute exterior is a true zombie warrior and Salas goes all out with guitar and choir. It’s a perfect representation of the main character Clara.


Rec 3 is a very good action horror score that even managed to scare me a couple of times. The cues I liked the most were perhaps the more melodic ones, but don’t let that fool you. There are some scares to be had and also quite a few moments that get your pulse beating really fast.

GEEK SCORE: 78.5 (SGI: 549*)

*SGI is the current placement in the overall Soundtrack Geek Index (Lower number is better…)

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