Soundtrack Review: Red Dawn (2012)

Soundtrack Review: Red Dawn (2012)

Red Dawn Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Red Dawn by Ramin Djawadi.

“This score is exactly right for a modern 2012 action score.”

Red Dawn is an action film directed by Dan Bradley and starring Chris Hemsworth, Isabel Lucas and Josh Hutcherson. A group of teenagers look to save their town from an invasion of North Korean soldiers. The score is composed by Ramin Djawadi.

Track List

1. Red Dawn 60
2. Wolverines 100
3. Invasion 80
4. Execution 100
5. I’m Gonna Fight 80
6. We Need Better Weapons 80
7. What Do You Miss 60
8. Victory 100
9. Brothers 100
10. Counter Insurgency 80
11. A Terrible Haircut 80
12. Even a Small Flea Can Drive a Big Dog Crazy 80
13. Erica 80
14. Surveying the Damage 60
15. Preparing the Cabin 60
16. Follow the Wires 100
17. Daryl’s Sacrifice 100
18. A Marine and His Rifle 100
19. Jed’s Death 80
20. Finale 100

Is there any love for Basil Poledouris 1984 soundtrack of the original Red Dawn? Sure, then it was the cold war, the Russians were the “enemy” of the United States, but now they have been conveniently replaced by the evil North Koreans. Appropriate. Apart from the patriotic main title, I thought Basil’s score wasn’t all that great. I recently went back and listened to the Intrada release and confirmed that. Now some (I won’t mention names) seems to think Ramin Djawadi is a hack who can’t compose. I beg to differ. Beat The Drum, Mr. Brooks, Iron Man, Prison Break and more recently Clash Of The Titans, Medal Of Honor and Game Of Thrones proves he is no hack, but a very capable composer. Red Dawn is an action film first and foremost so this is something Djawadi knows well and luckily he doesn’t disappoint.

The opening cue ‘Red Dawn’ is quite weak, but in the next cue ‘Wolverine’, we hear his heroic and patriotic contribution with a really powerful ending. With the cue ‘Execution’, he goes for deep emotions with a slow sad track and it just works. Same with ‘Brothers’, that sounds like one of Brian Tyler’s emotional action tracks near the end with the guitar. Speaking of Brian Tyler, I seem to remember he was involved at some point. It’s not the worst thing in the world to be compared to Mr. Tyler, because he has a great and proven track record when it comes to action scores. Djawadi is getting there. There is an 8+ minute monster cue called ‘Follow the Wires’ which is the best cue on the score. It has everything. Heroics, patriotism, action, sadness and best of all, some great themes and powerful hard hitting action.


This score is exactly right for a modern 2012 action score. It has a nice mix of emotions, action and luckily Djawadi can also compose some great themes which are shown here. Red Dawn is up there with the best of the action scores for 2012. Try it and you might be just as convinced as I am.


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