Soundtrack Review: Red Heat

Soundtrack Review: Red Heat

Red Heat Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Red Heat by James Horner.

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Album Excellence: 36%
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Welcome to another instalment of Big J’s Sunday. It’s that man James Horner again with some 80s action, Red Heat. East meets west in this buddy-cop action movie from Walter Hill. The 1988 action film starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a tough Russian cop coming to kick both Russian and American ass in Chicago. With him is his American partner played by James Belushi. All great stuff and as you all know, James Horner was action maestro in the 80s so it should all work out pretty great. I must admit I love Horner’s 80s output, particularly his action movies. They sound like the kind of 80s action I enjoy just by listening to the music.

The opening cue ‘Main Title’ stands out because it has a Russian inspired music with manly men choir and everything. A bit pompous and damn perfect. ‘Russian Streets’ contains a taste of the action I crave, the action only Horner can give me. ‘Victor Escapes’ is terrific once it takes off into this fast-paced 80s action mix. ‘Cleanhead Bust’ is different, more calmer, but at the same time quite wild with all the saxophone playing. The only thing with Horner’s 80s scores is that they are strikingly similar so beware. If you don’t love it, and I mean really love it then you might be annoyed by it. It’s not all great fun either. ‘Tailing Kat / The Set Up’ is an unusually quiet cue that does nothing for me and the first half of ‘The Hotel’ is boring, but the second part is pure gold.

It’s quite simple. Get this if you are an Horner’s 80s action fan. If you’re not, you might not be quite happy with it.

1. Main Title
2. Russian Streets
3. Cleanhead Bust
4. Victor Escapes
9. End Credit

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