Soundtrack Review: Red Krokodil

Soundtrack Review: Red Krokodil

Red Krokodil Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Red Krokodil by Alexander Cimini.

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13 tracks
47 minutes of score
Geek Score: 95.3
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 37.2
Album Excellence: 79%
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I’m not 100% sure what this movie is all about. I think that Krokodil is a drug, a very addicting drug and the main character is an addict that suddenly finds himself in a post-nuclear city that looks a lot like Chernobyl. This drug is pretty bad, apparently invented in 1932 and gives you skin issue, hallucinations, hair loss and other nasty side-effects. It looks like a strange film of hallucinations and it’s portraying the journey through this main character’s nightmarish personal hell. The trailer music makes it sounds like a horror film. This album also includes music from the video art project C-Art and W(t)omb, the motion picture M.A.R.C.O. and Hyde’s Secret Nightmare all composed by Alexander Cimini. What is less clear is if that additional music is part of the film Red Krokodil. I assume it is.

It starts with ‘C-Age’ which is music Cimini composed for a video art project. The music is certainly reminiscent of the trailer music. We are definitely in a nightmarish world as the music opens with a bang. What follows is evil sounding music, shivering strings, long upward pitching string sequences and something that sounds like whispering. From around 1:40 there’s also added choir. This is scary, but excellent music. The mood it brings me is one of true horror, and this drug, Krokodil, seems horrific. From true horror to something that’s actually kind of beautiful. ‘Red Krokodil Main Theme’ contains a beautiful theme played out by this amazing sounding violin. The piano comes in at 3:48 which is a bit more sad sounding. I feel loneliness and a bit of despair when I hear that. It was unexpected after that opening, but it sure sounds good. ‘Alone’ continues with the sadness, and since it’s called ‘Alone’, I guess I was right about loneliness. It really does feel like that. There’s an instrument in the beginning which makes it sound a bit Russian, at least in my mind. Well there’s the Chernobyl link I guess. The violin comes in and gives the cue an extra reason to love it.

At this point, Red Krokodil becomes a bit uncomfortable to listen to because it evokes feelings of sadness and loneliness, but any score that can do that has done a great job in my opinion. In this case it might be warranted based on the trailer I saw and what this might be about. ‘My Wounded Body’ and particularly ‘My Little Green Crocodile’ brings forth a powerful emotional statement of sad times, yet I can’t stop listening. This is beautiful music in it’s own right, but I wonder if I can make it to the end. ‘Endless Road’ is a bit of a refuge though, sounding less sad, and I think it’s because it’s not using strings, but a lot of ambience and sounds that reverbs in a dreamy fashion. It makes me think about life really, and is a piece of music perfect for afterthought. It is probably sounding different for another reason though and it’s because it’s from a movie called M.A.R.C.O. ‘My Mind’ takes me back to a reflective state, but a state of despair and horror in a cue where state of mind is important, but it’s also a cue that is probably the most skippable cue on the score. ‘Reflection In The Water’ however brings us back to strings and sadness.

‘W(t)omb’ is apparently also from a video art project like ‘C-Age’, and they start pretty similarly with a big bang, but the music of ‘W(t)omb’ is vastly different at first, but with the side-effect of sounding more like the rest of the score. The violin is once again the main instrument as another sad piece of music is being played. Then at 1:34, the music goes back into true horror land like ‘C-Age’, with evil sounding breaking violin pieces and harrowing strings, but it doesn’t last long until we are back with a violin theme, but this time it feels uplifting and hopeful which is a welcome change of pace. ‘Cappuccetto6’ is also very different sounding, a sort of weird mix of strings, accordion and woodwinds in a twisted little piece of music. This piece is created by G. Verdinelli. ‘The Window’ gives the music a different feel to it, a very hopeful and uplifting cue with a warm and inviting piano motif. The final cue on the album is ‘Passion And Love’ which is a cue from the motion picture Hyde’s Secret Nightmare composed by Kristian Sensini. This cue however is composed by Alexander Cimini and wasn’t on the official Hyde’s Secret Nightmare score. The music feels like a nice dramatic ending to the whole film and score.

Red Krokodil has been a very enjoying 47 minutes of music. It’s quite an uncomfortable listen for me at least, because it puts me outside my comfort zone emotionally. It deals with loneliness and sadness, two feelings I’m not great at handling. Luckily my life is opposite, but even getting reminded of periods in my life where I was both lonely and sad, makes me very uncomfortable. Emotionally this score does the trick though and I can’t do anything but praise Cimini for making it possible.

1. C-Age
2. Red Krokodil Main Theme
3. Alone
4. My Wounded Body
5. My Little Green Crocodile
6. Endless Roads
8. Reflection In The Water
10. W(t)omb
12. The Window
13. Passion And Love

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