Soundtrack Review: Red Lights

Soundtrack Review: Red Lights

Red Lights Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Red Lights by Victor Reyes.

“I’m afraid Victor Reyes hasn’t cracked the thriller formula, but as far as thriller scores go, this is decent”

Red Lights is the latest thriller from director Rodrigo Cortes. One psychologist and her assistant investigates people who claim to have paranormal powers. This time they investigate world-renowned psychic Simon Silver played by Robert DeNiro. The psychologist and her assistant is played by Sigourney Weaver and Cillian Murphy. Cortes has again chosen Victor Reyes as the composer since they worked together on “Buried” a couple of years ago.

Track List

1. Main Titles ****
2. Hocus Pocus ****
3. Too Much Light ***
4. You Know Palladino From Before? ***
5. Lost Lonely Woman ***
6. Hello? ****
7. He Made Me Doubt ***
8. What’s Going on? / Whatever It Takes ****
9. Stand Up! ****
10. I Wasn’t With Her ****
11. Come on, Come On… ***
12. I Just Need to Know *****
13. 2:00 AM **
14. Open Your Eyes ***
15. Concentrate, Ben! **
16. Umbrellas ****
17. What Is It You’ve Come to See? ***
18. It’s a Code ****
19. …And Then You Wake Up *****
20. Dear Margaret ****
21. End Credits ****

Victor Reyes is an interesting composer who I got to know for his score to the thriller “Buried”. Thriller scores are always hard to nail though because of their investigating and exploratory nature. It could be a drama film with action elements or it could be an action film with a lot of drama elements. Wither way the scores that come out are usually not as exciting as the films themselves. I guess Reyes and others are still looking for that perfect formula.

Reyes biggest problems is the genre and he is struggling quite a bit to find something that you can cheer for. The ‘Main Titles’ is a typical thriller cue that goes a little further than perhaps most would. Unfortunately there’s a lot of fluff here like ‘Too Much Light’ and ‘You Know Palladino From Before?’ that you simply want to fast forward because there’s not much interest there. However there are a couple of nice cues in here that is thematic and exciting. ‘I Just Need To Know’ and ‘…And Then You Wake Up’ has that extra bit of quality I look for in thriller scores.


I’m afraid Victor Reyes hasn’t cracked the thriller formula, but as far as thriller scores go, this is decent. You couldn’t have asked much more of Reyes really, but naturally there’s a lot of room for improvement. The score is far too long to be enjoyable as a whole, but if you put together the pieces like a jigsaw puzzle then you might find some good stuff in here.

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