Soundtrack Review: Robinson The Journey

Soundtrack Review: Robinson The Journey

Robinson The Journey Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the video game score Robinson The Journey by Jesper Kyd.

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Geek Score: 92
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 23
Album Excellence: 69.7%

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Robinson: The Journey is a 2017 virtual reality first person exploring game developed and published by Crytek. xploring from a first-person perspective, gamers will encounter an array of dinosaurs and creatures that react to their presence within the ecosystem of Tyson III. An emphasis on interaction with their surroundings encourages players to examine each area of the game in detail – creating a dense atmosphere and adding to the sense that Tyson III is a goldmine of undiscovered secrets. The game places narrative at the center, with an engaging storyline unfolding as players explore. Robinson: The Journey features a vibrant game world designed to make players feel truly present in unfamiliar territory, all powered by CRYENGINE to deliver stunning graphics, realistic sound, intense immersion, and a sense of scale that push the boundaries of VR gameplay. The score is composed by Jesper Kyd.

Virtual Reality exploded unto the scene a few years ago with Oculus Rift and the Vive, but has since then been a bit quiet. Until now there still lacks games and experiences for the masses and that’s a shame. I hope that VR is just in it’s birth and that it’s not another fad that will die away like it did when VR was all the rage in the 90s. This looks like one of the best VR experiences out there though. Powered by the powerful Cryengine, it looks quite stunning and if, as I suspect, Jesper Kyd’s music is beautiful, then this is one of the must-have titles of new VR headset owners. Beautiful one word you can use to describe the opening cue ‘Robinson Theme Extended’, a surreal and serene musical piece with synth pads and well, a lot of synths. This definitely got my attention and I hope it’s not just the theme that delivers powerful music like this. It lasts a bit too long though because it seems to stop at certain times and then go again.

There are more theme greatness though with ‘Robinson The Journey Main Theme’ which is shorter but still a beautiful experience. While the extended theme had more hard synths, this one is just about the ambient experience. Lovely. Beautiful is the keyword for big parts of this score. Whenever Kyd gets the chance to create calming, almost meditative music, he excels. Those kind of cues were my favorite on his Assassin’s Creed scores as well. What doesn’t excite me so much is when Kyd adds tension, like in ‘Tension In The Nest’. However, exploratory cues like ‘The Forest’ is what this score should be all about and when it is, it is really great. As suspected, Kyd’s music to this world and exploration game is a perfect match. Check it out.

1. Robinson Theme Extended
2. Robinson The Journey Main Theme
3. Dino Birth
5. The Forest
6. Survivors
9. Learning To Climb
10. Reward
12. The Journey
13. Flight Of The Arora
15. Launch Trailer (Bonus Track)

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