Soundtrack Review: Rogue Season 1

Soundtrack Review: Rogue Season 1

Rogue Season 1 Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score Rogue Season 1 by Jeff Toyne.

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34 tracks
76 minutes of score
Geek Score: 79.4
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 17.52
Album Excellence: 23%
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It’s weird, but before I got the score to Rogue season 1 I had never heard of the Television series, probably because it’s on a network that’s not getting a lot of attention. The series looks very good though and is currently airing season 2. Jeff Toyne does the score on season 1 and I can only hope that season 2 gets a score release as well. The score is very much a modern thriller score, but luckily it’s more exciting than your standard thriller. It’s not very orchestral, it’s mostly synth and electronic sounds plus percussion. I really enjoy the percussion by the way, or rather the rhythm of it. It hits a sweet spot with me.

The score is not very lyrical and most of it’s music is very tense and action based. It is quite thrilling to listen to for it’s rhythmic capabilities alone, and that makes the score quite appealing to me. The best cues though are the ones that displays abilities beyond that, cues like ‘Rough Love’ and ‘Picking Up Max’ that doesn’t sound tense, but rather emotional. Check out ‘Grace Arrested’ and ‘Elegy’ if you love themes.

Despite it’s flaws, I was entertained most of the time. An above average modern thriller score that relies on hypnotic rhythms and doesn’t disappoint.

6. Rough Love
7. Picking Up Max
16. Hotel Room
26. Show Some Respect
27. Elegy
31. Jimmy Cleans House
34. Join My Team (End Credits)

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