Soundtrack Review: RS-1281

Soundtrack Review: RS-1281

RS–1281 Soundtrack review: This is a review of the film score RS–1281 by QuasarSonic.

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Geek Score: 97.1
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 10
Album Excellence: 91%

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RS–1281 is a 2011 science fiction short film directed by Ruben Arnaiz and starring Aranzazu Diez and Jesus Sard. In a future where the human race has been self-destroyed, Duedan passes the toughest test of his life with RS–1281. Duedan human. RS–1281, an android. The score is composed by QuasarSonic.

QuasarSonic AKA Juan Fourcade is a Spanish composer who’s been mostly doing short films since 2004. I’ve read that RS–1281 from 2011 is quite an ambitious project. The film itself is around 13 minutes while the score is around 11 minutes. Right from the start with the opening cue ‘The Story Of The Last Century’ I feel that it is firmly placing itself into a sci-fi setting. The synth sounds are generally quite warm and inviting. It’s strange, but two projects come to mind when I hear the opening theme. Terminator and Doctor Who. Now don’t go expect another Terminator or Doctor Who, but yeah this is pretty great and it has a lovely theme as well. If you liked what you heard in the opening cue, then you’re in for a treat, because the whole score is pretty much like that.

I’m thinking that based on these short cues, I would absolutely love to hear more. In ‘Can You Love?’ for example there is a great percussion beat near the end and I felt that if it was longer, it could have been a fantastic action cue. The instruments and construction is all there. The foundation is built, but it needs layers upon layers of more great music. The music doesn’t sound cheap either except for one cue, ‘My Name Is Rebeca’ where the synths sounds a bit different than the rest of the music, perhaps it is because it is a more simple constructed cue. Cues like ‘RS–1281’ is very exciting. It sounds like a mix of my favourite 80s sci-fi synth scores and that can never be a bad thing. Yeah, I can’t quite shake off the feeling of The Terminator. This has a more developed sound to it, but the feeling is almost the same.

This is a great score, and it’s such a shame the score is so short. It would be awesome if this film was developed into a full length feature and a score to match. This is an exciting sound, one that I like, one that I feel nostalgic about. Thematically it’s very good as well. I recommend you check this one out.

1. The Story Of The Last Century
2. Human Specimens Valuation Procedure
3. Can You Love?
4. Not Authorized Contact *
6. RS–1281
7. Main Theme (Alternate)

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