Soundtrack Review: Salvatore Questa E La Vita

Soundtrack Review: Salvatore Questa E La Vita

Salvatore Questa E La Vita Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Salvatore Questa E La Vita by Paolo Vivaldi.

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Salvatore Questa E La Vita is a 2006 Italian drama film directed by Gian Paolo Cugno and starring Enrico Lo Verso, Galatea Ranzi & Lucia Sardo. Salvatore is a young orphan, living in Sicily with his little sister and his grandmother; after loosing his father in a tragic way he quits school and starts working as a fisherman and a farmer in order to support his little family. The Social Services soon discover the situation and resolve to put Salvatore in an orphanage, parting him from his family. Only a young, idealistic teacher (Enrico Lo Verso) tries to help him, going everyday after school to his house, to teach him the lessons he misses in the morning and to work with him in his greenhouse or on his fishing boat. The score is composed by Paolo Vivaldi.

There’s something exciting about an Italian drama score, they have a certain sound that makes them differ a bit from an American one. Well usually anyway. Paolo Vivaldi is another prolific Italian composer who’s mostly stayed with Italian films, although in the he has composed for a few American ones, most recently "Like A Butterfly" from 2016. This score should hopefully put us in Salvatore’s world as he struggles to keep everything together while the idealistic teacher Marco tries to help him. The score opens with the title cue ‘Questa E’ La Vita’ and right away, there’s that Italian romantic sound I was talking about. It feels like I’m there with Salvatore and Marco in Sicily. That’s the kind of feeling and music I was looking for and Vivaldi does not disappoint.

The other side of this score is a silly one. You have cues like ‘L’apetta’ and ‘La Pulta’ which is just a silly offshoot waltz and I’m not the biggest fan of this, although it isn’t terrible. No this score is clearly best when it plays on drama and romance, and luckily it tries to do that very often. There’s a couple of cues credited to Fabrizio Pigliucci. There’s ‘La Morte Del Padre’ which is dark and nearly scary. It’s really great though. Then you have ‘L’agguato’ which is a very tense drama/thriller piece. I love the way Pigliucci drives the violin section. It feels rich and powerful. It’s all about Vivaldi though who delivers beautiful drama pieces one after another. True, they don’t change much but he adds things like vocals in certain cues like ‘La Barca’ and believe me, that doesn’t make the music sound worse, not at all. No this is a score to take you on a journey to romantic Italy, hardship or not, and I advise you take the journey.

1. Questa E’ La Vita
3. La Notte Delle Lumache
4. Ritorno A Casa
5. La Morte Del Padre
6. Pomeriggi
8. Riflessioni
10. La BArca
11. Ci Rifletta Maestro
12. Salvatore
13. Tramonto
14. L’agguato
15. Il Cavallo Bianco
17. Torno A Roma
18. Devi Fidarti Di Me
19. Lassu’ Nel Cielo
21. Il Sogno Di…

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