Soundtrack Review: Secret Sharer

Soundtrack Review: Secret Sharer

Secret Sharer Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Secret Sharer by Guy Farley.

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From director Peter Fudakowski comes Secret Sharer, a 2014 thriller starring Jack Laskey, Zhu Zhu and Ching-ting Hsia. On a rusting cargo ship in the South China Sea, it’s the young Polish captain’s first command. His mutinous Chinese crew suspect him and his unscrupulous Boss of planning to scuttle the ship for an insurance scam. When the crew abandon ship, the young captain is left alone on board, helpless, anchored in a bay. That night while waiting anxiously on deck, he finds a naked body floating in the sea below, tangled up in the ship’s rope ladder. Pulling the ladder, the captain discovers a Chinese woman in distress. She climbs on board, saying only “Hide me”. Dawn comes a few hours later and so does a search party, looking for a murderer. The score is composed by Guy Farley.

The Polish captain meets a Chinese girl in the middle of the South China Sea. Should be a fun mix of styles in this score. Sure enough, it opens with ‘Secret Sharer Theme’ which is Polish waltz of sorts. It’s a good theme, but for me it’s comedic and not dramatic which might not have been intended by composer Guy Farley. The thriller music soon starts though and ‘At Sea’ and ‘The Girl’ are really as standard as they come with strings and woodwind. ‘In A Neat Pile’ is much better. I think the piano theme gives it more life. It’s quite sexy and also very dramatic despite it’s slow pace. ‘Come To Life’ is a bit similar and also excellent. I also love the swirling string pattern near the end. The action music in ‘A Fight’ is a bit lightweight for my taste though. ‘Dangerous Waters’ and ‘Small Islands’ fare a little bit better. ‘Man Overboard’ is more like it with a rousing upwards finale to what seemed to be a nice rendition of the secondary main theme on flute.

This is a pretty good and polished thriller score. I feel that it was the wrong choice to omit Chinese or at least Asian music in the score though. The western approach is fine, just that it’s nothing we haven’t heard a thousand times before. So the identity of this film is firmly with the captain, but what fun it would be to focus more on the girl and their love interest. Maybe a Polish and Chinese mashup inside the same cue would be great? In any case, this doesn’t have any secrets. It has the two main themes and a bit of thriller music that at times impresses.

5. In A Neat Pile
8. Come To Life
12. Man Overboard

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