Soundtrack Review: Sherlock Series Two

Soundtrack Review: Sherlock Series Two

Sherlock Series Two Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score Sherlock Series Two by David Arnold & Michael Price.

“Even though the music in series one and series two is different in the way they sound, the overall feeling I get is the same.”

Sherlock produced by BBC is a modern take on the detective made famous by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It is set in the 21st century and follows Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson on their new adventures. Interesting concept and it works. The show is rated highly by most critics and fans. Silva Screen Music America who recently released Series One is releasing Series Two as well. The score is composed by Davind Arnold and Michael Price.

Track List

1. Irene’s Theme ****
2. Potential Clients ***
3. Status Symbols ****
4. The Woman *****
5. Dark Times ***
6. Smoke Alarm ***
7. Sherlocked *****
8. Pursued by a Hound ****
9. The Village ***
10. Double Room ***
11. Deeper Into Baskerville ***
12. To Dartmoor ****
13. The Lab ***
14. Mind Palace and Solution **
15. Grimm Fairy Tales **
16. Deduction and Deception **
17. Prepared to Do Anything ***
18. Blood on the Pavement ***
19. One More Miracle ***

As if season one of this show wasn’t exciting enough, season two takes it to a new level. The composers are still David Arnold and Michael Price and although the music in season one wasn’t exactly a smash hit with me, I have high hopes for season two. Well, gone is the eastern european sound and in comes a more western sounding score overall, but is it any better?

Well, yes and no. In pure technical terms, this score is pretty much the same as series one. I kind of liked the eastern european cues in Series One, but here we have a few good cues as well most notably ‘The Woman’ and ‘Sherlocked’ who features an interesting theme, one that I have heard before but I can’t place it. Nevertheless, these are the standout cues of the score. I also like the fact that there are no more tracks like in series one where it cuts off after 20+ seconds before another cue starts playing


Even though the music in series one and series two is different in the way they sound, the overall feeling I get is the same. Where’s the explosive stuff, the exceptional stuff, the greatness of Sherlock? It’s basically more of the same, so if you enjoyed the music in series one, I’m sure you will enjoy this as well.

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