Soundtrack Review: Shipwrecked

Soundtrack Review: Shipwrecked

Shipwrecked Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Shipwrecked by Patrick Doyle.

At a glance:

21 tracks
37 minutes of score
Geek Score: 64.7
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 12.47
Album Excellence: 34%
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Shipwrecked from 1990 is a partly Norwegian Disney movie directed by Norwegian director Nils Gaup so I should really have watched this, but I haven’t. Shame on me! The score is yet again by Patrick Doyle and is the 9th score I take on in Patrick Doyle Month. The score is quite short so better make every cue count and judging by the frisky ‘Opening Titles’ we could be in for a treat. The main theme is a great, adventurous and fun romp just like I expected it would be. This score is a head scratcher though. Every cue that doesn’t use the main theme in some capacity are certified snorefests.

This I don’t understand. How can a cue called ‘Exploring The Island’ not be enticing and entertaining? Exploring? Hello! Yeah there are a bunch of cues I don’t understand here because it should have been a lot more fun than this. All is not lost though as I found 6 cues worthy of further listening and exploration in the future and who knows, they might make it on my list of best cues of 1990.

1. Opening Titles
3. Homecoming
5. Off To The Sea
10. Mary Is Rescued
20. End Titles – Part I
21. End Titles – Part II

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