Soundtrack Review: Sick Boy (2011)

Soundtrack Review: Sick Boy (2011)

Sick Boy Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Sick Boy by Matt Linder.

“If you get really into this score, living and breathing it, you can’t help but feel captured by it.”

Sick Boy is an independent horror movie directed by Tim T. Cunningham and starring Skye McCole Bartusiak, Marc Donato and Debbie Rochon. A young woman steps in for a friend to take a job babysitting a young boy confined to his room due to a mysterious illness. Lucy begins to suspect that the child’s mother is hiding something, but the truth is far worse than she could imagine. The score is composed by Matt Linder.

Track List

1. Bearing Contagion 100
2. Sick Boy: Main Theme 80
3. Rigor Mortis 80
4. Cold And No Pulse 80
5. Dark Family Secrets 80
6. Meeting Mrs. Gordon 80
7. Pools Of Blood 80
8. Silent Presence 60
9. Contagious Residue 60
10. Rigormortis – CDC Emergency 80

As far as I know, this is Matt Linder’s first score for a film. I heard the main title of Sick Boy on his Soundcloud page and I needed to hear the rest. The first cue on the album ‘Bearing Contagion’ is also the best cue on the score. It’s thrilling and haunting just like the rest of the score, but this track gave me the chills. ‘Sick Boy: Main Theme’ starts with a nice electronic intro before a heavy guitar arrives. It’s very catchy, although not very scary.

The mix of electronic music and ambient soundscapes makes this score quite a little eerie gem. sometimes you just get shocked like 40 or so seconds in the cue ‘Pools of Blood’ where it really grips you with excessive sound effects. Sounds like when I was playing with VST synths many moons ago. If you get really into this score, living and breathing it, you can’t help but feel captured by it. It won’t let you go and neither do you want it to.

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It’s not a particularly scary horror score, but it is incredibly captivating and interesting. At first listen I was staring into blank space with a big question mark hovering above me, but I have to say that I am glad I gave it a chance. Some people will say it’s just noise, but this is a lot more than that in my opinion.


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