Soundtrack Review: Sleepwalking In The Rift

Soundtrack Review: Sleepwalking In The Rift

Sleepwalking In The Rift Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Sleepwalking In The Rift by Dan Romer.

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Geek Score: 89.2
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 18.4
Album Excellence: 73.6%

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Sleepwalking In The Rift is a 2012 short drama film directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga and starring Haley Bennett, Jane Deiya and Lady Delamere. Actress Haley Bennett plays a young woman caught between her past and her future. On this first visit to East Africa, she crosses paths with fares fares, the ranger charged with being her guide. they have something in common. and when they meet, a light within them both begins to flicker. Set against epic landscapes, two gentle souls rest in the moment, drawn together in a haunting and missed connection. The score is composed by Dan Romer.

The Fukunaga and Romer connection has been well established with Beast Of No Nation, but this was a welcome surprise release from a movie I did not know about. Like Beasts, it is also featuring Africa, and I’m hoping I can get some of the same evocative scoring as I heard in that film. The score opens with ‘Just Before Morning’ and right away I feel the music of Romer. It’s soft, it’s minimalistic and even a bit romantic. It is what I have come to expect from him and I’m so addicted, I don’t want it to end and it doesn’t seem to. Romer draws me in again and isn’t it strange when the music on it’s own is so calm one could argue that it doesn’t say much, but to me it says more than most cues, even the powerful lyrical ones. This is something that Romer brings to the table, my table. I love that table. It has everything I need and it contains all the emotions I hope to feel when listening to music.

I don’t know exactly why Romer’s music has found the key to my soul, but it has and rather than try to figure it out, I’ll listen to the music itself and feed my thoughts and imagination some more. It feels like I’ve been on a long journey listening to all kinds of scores, but Romer brings me home, every single time. It’s a familiar feeling, a feeling of being safe while the chaotic world around me is trying it’s best to interrupt me. Yes, this is home to me. This is the music that’s closest to my heart now. If you have listened to Romer’s three other scores this year, you know what to expect pretty much. And having said all that, I still find it to be the weakest of the four scores released this year, and I still find most of the cues better than most other cues released this year on a deep personal level. Romer, you have done it again. I will yet again travel to faraway lands looking for great music while I wait to return home with another Romer score in the future.

1. Just Before Morning
3. An Old Fashioned Man
4. A Good Rider
6. Starting To Rain
7. The Garden
10. I Have What I Have
12. Parting In The Sunrise
13. Final Minutes In The Mountains *

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