Soundtrack Review: Small Crimes

Soundtrack Review: Small Crimes

Small Crimes Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Small Crimes by Brooke Blair & Will Blair.

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Small Crimes is a 2017 Canadian-American thriller film directed by Evan Katz and starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Robert Forster & Jacki Weaver. It is based on the novel of the same name by Dave Zeltserman. After serving time for the attempted murder of a District Attorney, disgraced former cop Joe Denton returns home looking for redemption. An embarrassment to his parents and abandoned by his ex-wife, it seems as if things can’t get much worse. But then Joe finds himself trapped in the mess he left behind-in the cross fire between a crooked sheriff, the vengeful DA, and a mafia kingpin who knows too much. Delightfully suspenseful and blackly comic, "Small Crimes" follows Joe’s desperate and misguided attempts to extract himself from this nightmare, only to dig himself into a deeper-and bloodier-hole. The score is composed by Brooke Blair & Will Blair.

A dark comedy-like thriller with complications is pretty much my go-to movies a couple of decades ago. These days I prefer simpler stuff, but that doesn’t mean I dabble. I’m a little familiar with the Blairs as they have been quite productive in recent years. I particularly liked their Green Room score from last year. As you’d expect, this one is of a different genre. The opening cue ‘Joe’s Free’ is a cool late 60/early 70-ish funk rock track and that’s definitely lifting my spirits. I had no initial expectations of this one, but it’s starting positively. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the singing in the last 20 seconds. ‘Basement Photos’ however is vastly different, a purely contemporary minimalistic piece, something to reflect on.

As much as I love minimalistic music, I’m more interested in the "retro" stuff and luckily there’s more on the score, and some even mix retro and minimalistic in an intriguing way. I love it when I have a surprise of the positive sound. Not that I expected this score to be bad, but when you have no certain expectations, it’s a lot of fun getting something unexpected and something that works. This music is definitely something I want to explore more. I don’t think I’ve quite heard similar music in a modern score. The Blairs have a very authentic classic style which is just fun and refreshing to listen to. It’s a bit of rock, a bit of jazz and some wonderfully and intelligent simplistic scoring which just makes me want more. You won’t find a similar score to this one in 2017, I almost guarantee it.

4. Library Search
5. Walk To Zeke’s
6. Cara Coakley
10. Date Night
12. Coakley’s Asleep
15. Dirty Money
18. Brand New Money
19. Joe Sr.

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