Soundtrack Review: Stalingrad (2013)

Soundtrack Review: Stalingrad (2013)

Stalingrad Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Stalingrad by Angelo Badalamenti.

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Album Excellence: 100%
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The hype of this score is massive. I’ve seen it on a lot of Best Of 2013 lists. Well maybe not a lot, but a few. I am wondering how they were able to listen to it in 2013. Was there an official release of this score before now? I’m treating this a as a 2014 release. Either way, I have big expectations for this score. The second score I ever owned was Twin Peaks by Angelo Badalamenti and to this day I still think it’s one of the best scores ever made. After that score, Badalamenti fell out of my score radar and I have had a hard time with his scores. Hopefully I can get another Badalamenti score into my collection that I truly love.

I can say that Twin Peaks is safe, but this one totally rewrote a whole chapter, nay a book, of Badalamenti and the kind of music he creates. This is a sweeping bold major force of a war score. Just listen to the overture in ‘Stalingrad Overture’, how amazing it sounds. Finally the return of the overture! Now, romantic and sweeping war themes are one thing, but how about some feisty action? Yes, Badalamenti has that too in ‘The Panzer Attack’. It sounds so alive and potent, and I love these kind of action cues which is an easy match for anything Zimmer and co. can do.

This is probably as good as Badalamenti is ever going to sound, and even though this might be the best Badalamenti score I have ever heard, Twin Peaks will forever win on sentimental value.

From the opening theme with the stunning vocals of Anna Netrebko to the last cue ‘Stalingrad Theme For String Orchestra’, it was simply amazing. I love every single cue of this score, just like I did Twin Peaks back in the day. Circle. Full. Do yourself a favour and get this score asap.

1. Stalingrad Theme (Featuring Anna Netrebko)
2. Stalingrad Overture (Universal Theme)
3. Desperate Search For Masha
4. Kahn’s Theme
5. Katya’s Theme
6. Men Of Fire
7. Execution And Attack
8. Sergei’s Triumph
9. Russian Ambush
10. The Rules Of Warfare
11. Lovers Steal Away
12. The Panzer Attack
13. Masha And Kahn
14. Tragic Killing
15. Childhood Memories (Katya’s Theme Reprise)
16. Goodbye Brothers: Stalingrad Finale
18. Stalingrad Theme For String Orchestra

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