Soundtrack Review: Star Trek Insurrection

Soundtrack Review: Star Trek Insurrection

Star Trek Insurrection Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Star Trek Insurrection by Jerry Goldsmith.

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Geek Score: 100
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 64.2
Album Excellence: 100%

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Star Trek: Insurrection is a 1998 American science fiction film directed by Jonathan Frakes and starring Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes & Brent Spiner. It is the ninth film in the Star Trek film franchise. A Federation mission to the planet Ba’ku takes a dangerous turn when a malfunctioning android, Data (Brent Spiner), takes a cultural task force hostage. When Capt. Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his crew investigate, they uncover the truth about the Federation mission: It was actually a systematic ploy by the Son’a to displace the peaceful inhabitants of Ba’ku. Now Picard and his crew must thwart the plot even while experiencing strange side effects from exposure to the planet’s surface. The score is composed by Jerry Goldsmith.

The Prime Directive is an ongoing theme in the world of Star Trek and here it is being violated by the men you trust the most. It’s an interesting movie and I quite like it. I’m glad to still have Jerry Goldsmith with us for another great adventure of Star Trek. I will be reviewing GNP Crescendo’s expanded release from 2013. The score opens with ‘Ba’Ku Village’ and it opens with the classic Star Trek motif before it transcends into what I like to call the innocence theme. This is where you see the innocent and unsuspecting people of Ba’Ku. I mean just listen to this music. It’s like a children’s tale and I love it dearly. It’s almost on par with the First Contact theme in my opinion. Some might argue it’s even better. I don’t know about that, but this is superb in any case. the theme is the most romantic of all the Trek themes. It fills my heart with warmth. The theme of the bad guys also appear in this cue and mixed with some excellent action it truly is one of the better opening cues in the Star Trek universe.

As the score starts so innocently you would think that this would be one of the “nicest” Star Trek scores, but in this one we hear some of the best Jerry Goldsmith action material, if you’re into 90s Jerry action that is. I find it extremely exciting and I love the bad guys theme as well. It makes for a very potent mix. All the opening cues includes some excellent action music and it’s not until ‘Warp Capability / The Planet / Children’s Story’ we hear more of that lovely romantic Jerry Goldsmith music. Many might not agree, but I rank this score very highly of all the Star Trek scores. I just think Jerry took his action music a to a new level here and when you mix in the gorgeous theme and the romantic scoring it hits a sweet spot with me. It is just filled with these beautiful lyrical themes and not the same theme over and over again either. Just listen to the opening notes of ‘How Old Are You? / New Sight’. Gorgeous isn’t it? The action though, my that’s magnificent. ‘The Drones Attack’ for example is what I’m talking about. The Jerry factor. It’s what he does to be fair, but it never seize to amaze me. What’s a bit puzzling though is the inclusion of a revised and an original version of ‘The Healing Process’ in the main score before the ‘End Credits’. Which one is supposed to be a part of the film score? No idea, but they are both excellent. So yes, this score is superb and one of the best Star Trek scores you can listen to.

1. Ba’Ku Village *
2. Out Of Orbit / Take Use In
3. Come Out
4. In Custody
5. Warp Capability / The Planet / Children’s Story *
6. The Holodeck
7. How Old Are You? / New Sight *
8. Lost Ship / Prepare The Ship
9. As Long As We Can
10. Not Functioning / Send Your Ships
11. Growing Up / Wild Flowers / Photon Torpedo
12. The Drones Attack
13. The Riker Maneuver
14. Stay With Me
15. The Same Race
16. The Collector
17. No Threat
18. Tractor Beam
29. The Healing Process (Revised Version)
21. End Credits *

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