Soundtrack Review: Staten Island Summer

Soundtrack Review: Staten Island Summer

Staten Island Summer Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Staten Island Summer by John Swihart.

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Staten Island Summer is a 2015 American comedy film directed by Rhys Thomas and starring Graham Phillips, Zack Pearlman and John DeLuca. Danny and Frank work as lifeguards for the summer and make plans to throw the wildest party of the season. The Score is composed by John Swihart.

This is by all accounts an SNL based comedy movie. I saw a little bit of it and there were lot of SNL cameos and it’s of course written by Colin Jost so there’s that. The music is by John Swihart who has been scoring comedies for a long time. ‘Pot Dummy’ opens the score with some funky bass and that’s fine although I fear that the music will take me into an area I’m not comfortable with, the are of all out comedy music. ‘The Bike Ride’ doesn’t do anything to change that fact. ‘Lion Talk’ is both annoying and interesting. The jungle is calling, literally. There’s lions and jungle stuff, 25 seconds of it. The music is generally fast paced and you get a sense of urgency so I suspect the movie is trying hard not to be slow.

The formula is quite simple. Give the film some comedic help through the music. It’s tried and tested and it works in context for the most part. On album, it rarely works though, and that’s the case here. I honestly don’t know who liked this kind of comedic music. I mean, is there anyone who will sit down in the couch and put this music on and listen to it? I’m sure there is, but I’m not one of them. This could work as background music while I do something that doesn’t require too much concentration but needs to be a bit snappy like cooking a meal for the whole family. As for listening to it on its own, even for analysis is not something I enjoy. I much prefer music for comedies that doesn’t sound comedic, and that can be said for most things. In comedies, it’s usually the characters who are looking to serious and professional that gets the most laughs from me. I guess the gist is that this is not a score for me. I didn’t enjoy it. There are quite a few scores similar to this though, and I didn’t enjoy them either. It’s a shame, because Swihart deserves better than this. It would be awesome to hear him to a big action movie for example. I think he would own it because the talent is there for all to hear and the cues at the end, particularly ‘Danny At Home’, ‘Chasing Rebecca’ and ‘I Kept Imagining Her Dad’ is sweet and beautiful. As for Staten Island Summer, I’ll watch the film and probably enjoy it too because I enjoy SNL, but the score will be neatly tucked away and probably never disturbed again except for those nice cues near the end.

20. Danny At Home
22. Chasing Rebecca
23. I Kept Imagining Her Dad

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