Soundtrack Review: Strike Back

Soundtrack Review: Strike Back

Strike Back Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score Strike Back by Scott Shields.

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17 tracks
46 minutes of score
Geek Score: 82.3
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 10.97
Album Excellence: 24%
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Strike Back season 3 & 4 are represented on this album scored by Scott Shields. Personally I have never seen the show before, so the music will be brand new to me. You’ll get plenty of action music in this score, but not in a modern percussion heavy RCP way. The main instrument here is guitar and a heavy one at that. Mostly the guitar is mixed in with electronic bass rhythms and a light percussion track. There’s no attempt to make a powerful theme in here, because it’s all about bad-assery. It’s really trying to grab you and get you into all-out action mode, and it’s unfortunately not doing it for me.

Some cues are better than the rest and it starts from cue 7. ‘Rebecca Headshot’ is a slow burner with some faint singing on top that lifts this cue into 5-star status. I feel that the cues with some singing on it is not very distracting, but rather a fresh change in direction. ‘Killing The Love’ feels more like a piece of pop music perhaps, but it works for me. ‘Yes I Do’ is a nice one, but surely it’s ripped from somewhere, I just can’t place it. Guns’n’Roses perhaps? Never mind, it sounds good.

There’s more to like than to dislike. Most cues are nice enough to listen to without wowing me, but that’s ok. It might not be the most exciting television score out there, but as I’m sure it works great in the show, I can certainly enjoy it on it’s own.

7. Rebecca Headshot
8. Killing The Love
9. Lilian In Church
18. Yes I Do

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