Soundtrack Review: Super Happy Fun Block

Soundtrack Review: Super Happy Fun Block

Super Happy Fun Block Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the video game score Super Happy Fun Block by Chase Bethea.

At a glance:

Geek Score: 85
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 6.4
Album Excellence: 35.6%

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Super Happy Fun Block is a puzzle game in which changing the color of the world alters reality. Manoeuvre through treacherous obstacles, uncover hidden secrets, and outsmart the Blocks to help Ball save what remains of humanity. Ball’s ability to phase colors out of existence provides hours of mind-bending gameplay. There’s no filler – every puzzle provides a unique challenge. Slide and swipe based controls give you unparalleled precision on your touch screen. Custom options allow you to find a control scheme that feels right for you, including controller support. Immerse yourself in a cartoony world brought to life by fluid animations and a captivating soundtrack. Discover an interactive cast of characters and creatures. The game is created for IOS and the score is composed by Chase Bethea.

Super happy sounds awfully happy to me and if you add fun as well, I think you’ve swallowed one too many pills. I’m in the mood for super happy fun so give me some of those pills. Of course I expect the music to be super happy as well so let’s give it a whirl. ‘Super Happy To Go’ opens the score and well, it’s slow. I was expecting rainbows and ponies in super high speed! Alright, so it’s not that kind of happy. The tune is quite nice, I can’t complain about that. ‘Sunny Ways’ is faster and therefor more in sync with my previous mood. It’s a very nice tune though and actually quite calming despite the change in pace.

The score is cute and I like the mood I’m in while listening to it. Not that I was in any different mood before I started listening to it. It just makes me feel at peace and it also makes me pick up a gamepad and play the game. I want to experience this music with the game and have a happy time at least if not super happy. It’s short and it’s not the best score I’ve ever heard, but it serves its purpose very well and Bethea is good at creating harmony with the instruments, and I particularly like the not-so-subtle synth pads in the underscore on some of the cues. All in all, it’s a pretty good (borderline excellent) score, nothing more, nothing less.

2. Sunny Ways
4. Timberland Walls
6. Unexpected Events

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