Soundtrack Review: Super Shark (2011)

Soundtrack Review: Super Shark (2011)

Super Shark Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Super Shark by Jeff Walton.

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19 tracks
36 minutes of score
Geek Score: 86.3
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 17.93
Album Excellence: 50%
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Oh, Screamworks, you make me laugh sometimes. What would we do without you? Who will release these kind of scores from the films that are so bad, they’re hilarious? You do Screamworks, and that’s why I love you. Super Shark is a 2011 comedy/horror movie about a super shark. I’ve been watching the trailers and it looks hilarious. The score by Jeff Walton is taking the horror route and it’s a great choice. James L. Venable did it last year for the not so hilarious Scary Movie V and it worked wonders.

This is a fun ride, let me tell you. From the opening cue ‘Rig Attack’ you know this is going to be great stuff. It’s bold and abrasive, heavy and just awesome at times, specially the heavy action cues. ‘Divers’ sounds a bit like a Jerry Goldsmith action homage, and it’s pretty great. Walton does great themes as well with the almost too sweet cue ‘Help Wanted’. The sound of the score is way too impressive for such a film, but I really hope the movie use it well. It needs a few over-the-top musical moments to really hit it home.

There are some quieter moments in this score like ‘Water Sample’, that unfortunately doesn’t fit the bill for me, but what I did enjoy was frantic action cues like ‘On The Radar’. It is what it is and for me that’s enough.

1. Rig Attack
2. Divers
3. Help Wanted
7. On The Radar
12. Photo Shoot Disaster
14. Soldier Dinner
17. Special Prototype
18. Engage The Enemy
19. Kat Is Safe

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