Soundtrack Review: Sweet Virginia

Soundtrack Review: Sweet Virginia

Sweet Virginia Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Sweet Virginia by Brooke Blair & Will Blair.

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Total Minutes Of Excellence: 12.6
Album Excellence: 43.5%

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Sweet Virginia is a 2017 American thriller film directed by Jamie M. Dagg and starring Jon Bernthal, Christopher Abbott & Imogen Poots. A mysterious stranger sends shockwaves through a close-knit community in this nerve-jangling slice of raw suspense. In the wake of a triple murder that leaves the residents of a remote Alaskan outpost on edge, tightly wound drifter Elwood (Christopher Abbott) checks into a motel run by Sam (Jon Bernthal), a former rodeo champion whose imposing physical presence conceals a troubled soul. Bound together by their outsider status, the two men strike up an uneasy friendship-a dangerous association that will set off a new wave of violence and unleash Sam’s darkest demons. Driven by tour de force performances from Christopher Abbott and Jon Bernthal, this precision crafted thriller pulses with an air of quivering dread. With Imogen Poots and Rosemarie Dewitt. The score is composed by Brooke Blair & Will Blair.

I’m excited to see this film and it’s just because I am watching The Punisher and Bernthal is giving a killer performance. I also thought that his role in The Walking Dead was probably the best on the show. At this point, I’ll probably enjoy Jon Bernthal talking about anything, doesn’t even have to be interesting. But I digress, I’m also curious about the score of course. The Blairs have been a hit and miss experience for me at least, but the anticipation is always there. The score is bound to be a dark one but I’m more than ready for that. Even the ‘Opening’ cue is really dark and you wonder if there’s a way up from that hole. I doubt it. It basically starts at the bottom of the abyss and I’ll bet it stays there. Well like I said, I don’t mind it.

As the score is playing, I’m getting more and more interested in what I hear. It hits me with ‘Rodeo Dream’ and ‘The Wake’ where it’s as dark as ever, but there’s something that got my attention now, something that I love. The use of strings here is really great and I am firmly immersed in the dark nature of this movie and these characters. I think it’s hard to enjoy this score if you’re not in the mood for what this music provides. It’s sometimes extremely uncomfortable to listen to, but I find it a very rewarding listen and I get something out of this score. In short, get this for your dark moods and truly listen to it and it’s almost guaranteed you’ll find something to enjoy.

3. Rodeo Dream
4. The Wake
5. Bernie and Sam
6. Lila’s Followed
8. Best Dad Ever
13. Finale

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