Soundtrack Review: Ted 2

Soundtrack Review: Ted 2

Ted 2 Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Ted 2 by Walter Murphy.

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Ted 2 is a 2015 American comedy film directed by Seth MacFarlane and starring Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane and Amanda Seyfried. It is the sequel to the 2012 film Ted. Newlywed couple Ted and Tami-Lynn want to have a baby, but in order to qualify to be a parent, Ted will have to prove he’s a person in a court of law. The score is composed by Walter Murphy.

Walter Murphy also composed the original Ted and is of course the composer for Family Guy. MacFarlane has always been a fan of film music which is why the music in Family Guy is actually excellent at times. I quite enjoyed the score to Ted so I hope this will be a bit similar. The score opens with ‘The Wedding’ which starts like every wedding should, with some magical harp. The theme I think was used in the original Ted film. The main theme perhaps. The secondary woodwind theme is light and fluffy. At 1:30 the music becomes celebratory, like a show tune and that’s that’s going to be a problem I think. I mean it’s great, but it immediately reminded me of Family Guy which isn’t so good. Good opening cue though. ‘Let’s Make A Baby’ is a very short cue, quite soft and romantic, almost a lullaby with piano and strings. ‘Tom Brady’s House’ is going straight into comedy, there’s no hiding that fact. Although it does get fun and exciting after about a minute. Now that’s great comedy scoring. ‘Ted’s Court Case’ is a pompous march and ‘Out Of Control’ is more Family Guy show tune material. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just, you know… familiarity and images in my head. I’m broken, I know.

‘Out Of Control’ is actually a very fun, energetic drama cue. Could almost pass for action. It’s at least comedic action, but it’s a lot of fun and that’s what matters. Shame it’s so short. ‘The Comic-Con Fight’ is more frantic comedy action fun. ‘Wake Up, Johnny / Code Blue / John Is Back’ is the first time the music touches upon sadness and Murphy does a decent job. It doesn’t quite connect with me emotionally, but still. At 1:36 the “Code Blue” part starts and that sounds more like a classic spy thriller cue. At 2:11 “John Is Back” is ending the cue with some nice, soft, even romantic woodwind sequence. ‘Meighan’s Speech / Finale’ is the chance for some inspiration and a bit heroics and the big man is speaking. It’s nice, but again, it doesn’t quite give me goose bumps. I like the “big” finale at 1:52 though. He must have said something powerful. The “Finale” part is just a nice good guy ending it seems. Now ‘Mean Ol’ Moon (Swing Version)’ is more like it. This is Murphy’s big strength. Big band versions of songs. He does it so well. As good as anyone really. This song is also covered by Amanda Seyfried and Norah Jones on the soundtrack. This is of course the best version and it literally swings (or is that rocks?).

Well, Ted 2 was good, but not many surprises I would guess (none really). It sort of autopilots through what I expected to hear. Still, it was an enjoyable listen, a sadly very short listen. Why 35 minutes of score in the first movie and only 16 minutes here? In any case, if you love the music in Family Guy and Ted, you’ll love this too.

6. Out Of Control
7. The Comic-Con Fight
10. Mean Ol’ Moon (Swing Version)

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