Soundtrack Review: Ted (2012)

Soundtrack Review: Ted (2012)

Ted Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Ted by Walter Murphy.

“Ted is a big and wonderful surprise for everyone who loves orchestral film music.”

Ted is a comedy starring Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and Seth MacFarlane. It’s directed by the creator of Family Guy Seth MacFarlane and promises to be hilarious. Ted is a teddy bear and he talks, and he has been John Bennet’s best buddy since his childhood. John’s girlfriend of four years wants more from their relationship, but it will put a damper on John and Ted’s relationship. The score is composed by Walter Murphy.

Track List

2. The Power of Wishes 80
3. Thunder Buddies for Life 80
4. John & Lori at Work / A Walk in the Park 80
5. Magical Wish 80
6. Rex’s Party (Everybody Needs a Best Friend) 80
7. The Breakup 80
8. Never Be Scared of Thunder Again 80
9. Ted Is Captured / Raiders of the Lost Ark (Feat. John Williams) 80
10. The Car Chase / Fenway Pursuit 80
11. Climbing the Tower/ She’s Your Thunder Buddy Now 100
12. Saving Ted / Lori’s Wish 100
13. The Proposal / The Wedding 100
14. End Titles 100

Walter Murphy is the guy composing all those funny episodes of Family Guy. Seth MacFarlane is definitely a soundtrack geek as he uses a lot of film music in Family Guy and other shows. He loves orchestral music and that’s what he wanted for Ted as well. Walter Murphy fits the bill.

What we get is definitely not what you would believe after watching the trailers of Ted. The score doesn’t try to be funny, but has instead a lush orchestral score that is very touchy. ‘The Power of Wishes’ and ‘Thunder Buddies’ can make a tear appear and then there’s a big band jazzy cue in ‘Rex’s Party (Everybody Needs A Best Friend)’ to mix things up. What is even more fantastic is the inclusion of music from “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” by John Williams in the cue ‘Ted Is Captured / Raiders Of The Lost Ark’.

The big finale for me are the last four tracks ‘Climbing The Tower / She’s Your Thunder Buddy Now’, ‘Saving Ted / Lori’s Wish’, ‘The Proposal / The Wedding’ and ‘End Titles’ that if you heard them and not knowing that they were from Ted, you would think they are for a big Hollywood blockbuster film.


Ted is a big and wonderful surprise for everyone who loves orchestral film music. Walter Murphy demonstrates why he is soundtrack aficionado Seth MacFarlane’s choice for scoring this apparently goofy comedy. It really has a big range of great music and you will definitely fall in love with this score.


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