Soundtrack Review: The Avengers (2012)

Soundtrack Review: The Avengers (2012)

The Avengers Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score The Avengers by Alan Silvestri.

“I’m not sure what happened here as it has small nods to A-Team, Captain America and Even the mighty Judge Dredd in the score, but with so small dosages that it barely registers.”

Is there a bigger summer blockbuster this year? I don’t think so. Already the reviewers have fallen in love with the film and who can blame them when the mighty Joss Whedon is writing and directing. They have managed to assemble Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk and more to save the earth from Loki and his army. The score has been a highly anticipated one specially when you consider that Alan Silvestri did such a great job with Captain America last year.

Track List

1. Arrival 60
2. Doors Open From Both Sides 40
3. Tunnel Chase 80
4. Stark Goes Green 60
5. Helicarrier 100
6. Subjugation 60
7. Don’t Take My Stuff 40
8. Red Ledger 60
9. Assault 80
10. They Called It 40
11. Performance Issues 80
12. Seeing, Not Believing 80
13. Assemble 60
14. I Got a Ride 80
15. A Little Help 80
16. One Way Trip 80
17. A Promise 100
18. The Avengers 100

To be over-excited = So excited about something that you behave in a silly way. At least according to Macmillan Dictionary. It was the actual state I was in when it was announced that the score would be composed by Alan Silvestri who did such a great job on Captain America last year. Watching the trailers, seeing Captain America there, and then you have Thor, Iron Man and loads of things to get excited about, you can’t blame a poor soul for being over-excited. This should be an easy job for anyone really, all those superheroes, they need themes right? Identities!

As luck would have it, I got a chance to have a proper listen to it before it’s release. To use an over-used phrase, being like a kid in a candy store doesn’t even compare to the excitement I felt as I was about to play it. Then reality hit me, and it hit me hard, with superhero strength. What is this? Why is most of the score focused on creating music that doesn’t excite me at all? Why? Just listen to the first couple of cues ‘Arrival’ and ‘Doors Open From Both Sides’ and you know what I mean. It is simply not very fun to listen to, and I get a feeling that under-excited might be a better word to describe my feelings after listening to this.

I’m not sure what happened here as it has small nods to A-Team, Captain America and Even the mighty Judge Dredd in the score (and more), but with so small dosages that it barely registers. The really great cues I can count on one hand because there are only 3. ‘Helicarrier’ excites me quite a bit with those big blaring horns and thematic excellence, just like the good old Alan Silvestri came back to show us how it’s done. ‘A Promise’ starts off as a very sweet track with guitar and strings and later blends well with the more dark and sinister. The Avengers theme sounds really good here I must admit. Lastly the cue ‘The Avengers’ is a great theme for The Avengers, even if it does go a little 80s pop-sequence at us for a few seconds. These are the kind of cues I was expecting all over the score, but it wasn’t to be.

Have Spotify? Listen to the score:


Like James Newton Howards’ Green Lantern last year, Alan Silvestri’s The Avengers is the biggest disappointment so far, and possibly might be all year despite it being a decent score. Most of the tracks here doesn’t really interest or excite me at all unfortunately and it is safe to say that comes as a huge surprise to me, specially after Captain America last year.

Geek Score: 71.1

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  • John Hannibal Swift

    Another Marvel movie gets a less than memorable score. No-one seems to be able to recapture the grandeur of the first Superman and Elfman Batman scores.

    • soundtrackgeek

      Yeah it’s sad and I don’t think it will improve in the future. The best we can hope for is something cool, something that’s not boring. Still enjoy Zimmer & Howard’s Batman scores though, a kind of superhero score that doesn’t follow the formula.

    • dnwilliams

      I agree with you. It’s SUCH a shame. I wish they had Giacchino or JNH on this.

      That said the score for Batman Begins is one of my favorites of all time, and I liked Elfman’s efforts for Hulk and Spider-Man a great deal.

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  • Issidro Rodriguez Avila

    ¿¿it´s fault of the director or the composer?? Because a heroe need a great theme. What they are thinking?? Even the videogames have better themes. I want to remeber the movie and feel like and avenger¡¡

    • soundtrackgeek

      Probably both

    • dnwilliams

      I was listening to a podcast that said they think the fault lies with bringing Silvestri onto the project late in the game. I an totally buy that.

  • Andres Vargas

    I actually enjoyed it more than Captain America for some reason. 

    • soundtrackgeek

      Well you’re not the only one. A few people feel that way. I have the opposite feelings.

      • Andres Vargas

        I tend to wait til I see the film and how the score fits it then i’ll judge it.  

  • scientist88

    Love the review, but hate the fact that “the track is currently not available in the United States” on Spotify!

    • soundtrackgeek

      Yep, it’s an annoying fact of licensing. I get that too sometimes.

  • Calahoon

    The best is certainly A Promise the cue coming from that is fantastic

    • soundtrackgeek

      I really like that cue too, just wish there were a lot more great cues like that.

  • Leo Heinsuo

    The Avengers is indisputably the ultimate superhero movie to score a bunch of great themes for but nnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooo… Sure, it isn’t bad but considering the circumstances it is ridonkeyles! I strongly urge Silvestri to attend his local chocolate factory and go fudge himself. 

    • soundtrackgeek

      Yep, I can’t believe we’re stuck with this score…

  • soundtrackgeek

    Glad you enjoyed it. I’m sure it will be better on film than on album.

  • Tyga Austin

    Your review is right on track.  This is what I concluded in my review: “Overall,
    the “Avengers” score is not a disappointment but a missed opportunity
    for the composer to deliver a fully satisfying score. Silvestri
    delivered a more enjoyable soundtrack for “Captain America” and with
    “Avengers” he truly had the opportunity to bring together all the
    amazing musical opportunities for each of the Marvel heroes. This would
    have been the score to truly place Silvestri in line with house-hold
    name franchise composers such as Hans Zimmer, Williams and Horner.
    Instead, we get a serviceable score devoid of its own unique identity or
    brand. Danny Elfman’s music for the original “Spiderman” series and
    scores from the X-Men trilogy possess more superior music; even Marvel’s
    newest X-Men entry, “X-Men: First Class” has a more modern and
    sophisticated edge with a catchy main theme few can stop humming after
    the end credits. This is what we needed in “Avengers”, a theme and
    sound that is exclusive to the beloved Marvel heroes. As a fan of comic
    book movie soundtracks I was truly anticipating a score of more
    sophistication. Sadly, what Silvestri has delivered is large scale
    music destined to be lost among 2012’s most bland offerings.”  

    It truly is one of the most disappointing scores in years.

    • soundtrackgeek

      Luckily the film delivers… :)

  • Chiaraaa

    I completely agree. I came out of the theatre thinking, ‘Well I remember absolutely nothing about the score’ ….which is really odd for me. I was disappointed. 

    • soundtrackgeek

      It was mostly drowned in special FX, not that it would have mattered though. Probably for the best.

  • Gabbe05

    Anyone know what the song is called when Iron man Saves captain America? Its a rock song, probably from black sabbath or AC/DC

  • Apxstitch

    It would seem I am in the minority here because I thought it was excellent!  I thoroughly enjoy listening to it and I can’t wait to see the movie to see how well it fits.

    • soundtrackgeek

      Did you see the movie yet? How was it with the music?

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  • Kalaisan

    Haven’t been here for a while, but I LOVE the new re-design of the site Jorn! Great job! And your review was spot on as well.

    Here’s my own take:


    – KK

  • My disc outlet

    I thoroughly enjoyed the track for hulk.. It sounds good in theater:-)

  • soundtrackgeek

    Too high for me 😉

  • Sreekiran

    This score I heard after watching the film. I could say the theme score, was the best of the rest. Other scores were not really that impressive. I am under a feeling that, such a great film of superhero mixture, Why not bring Hans Zimmer or Michael Giacchino for the score. They know to use the best for the blockbuster film. Silvestri’s score is not the best for the film. I expected a little more powerful soundtrack.

  • camilo

    This score is just too slow and boring… the only cue that is worthy to me is “Avengers” which ironically became an instant hit and now is basically the Avengers theme now and one of the best known themes in super hero music (Basically the Avengers theme is like Superman theme or Spider Man theme, if you heard them you immediatly recognize them), is everywhere in the sequel and I loved that, but the problem again is that now with the score of the second film, this score became even more boring, I don’t what happened to Silvestri but I know he could have done a better job